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VPN Wireless

Will this work?

{Home PC} I am running Linksys wireless access point (WAP-11) into a 3com 3c905 NIC running WIN98se with ICS enabled. Also, this PC connects to a USB Bellsouth SpeedStream modem for internet access. FOR INTERNET ACCESS ALL IS WORKING FINE!

{Client} Thinkpad A20 --I have a Linksys wireless PCMCIA card (WPC-11) I have no trouble connecting to the Home PC and surfing the internet or local shares but, when I try and run the VPN 3000 V 2.5.2 client software it ultimately times out at the resolving security profiles window with unable to resolve host server. I can ping the server from a dos window, which seems to indicate DNS is working fine. Also, IPsec over NAT is enabled.

This Client(Thinkpad) works fine connecting to the USB SpreedStream using VPN 3000. After installing the Wireless card I did have to reload the VPN software and have not tried directly connecting. That is my next step... I am guessing CISCO's Vpn 3000 V2.5.2 client software can not build a tunnel across the wireless connection?? (BTW it is 802.11b compliant) Anyone got any ideas? Or know this should work???

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Re: VPN Wireless

I use Cisco’s VPN client 3.x (with NAT transparency) to connect to my company from home across my home 802.11 wireless Network all the time, no problems. I’m using Cisco’s Aironet products at home but that shouldn’t matter. You could check to see if there are any known issues with your Linksys card or at least updated drivers or something. In any case, it should be working.

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Re: VPN Wireless

My trouble came with trying to use Microsoft's ICS. Because I don't have to access it very often, I did not want to shell out the bucks for a router so I have found a working Software solution. Sygate's Home Network will allow Cisco VPN Client to operate. I have not had much testing time. But, it works with at least Sygate's Version 4.1 . Now my WAP is connected to a PC serving as the WAN gateway running Sygate... THX

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