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VPN with a Cisco 2651xm

This is a very general question, and probably does not have an easy answer. I have recently set up this router to use w/ my cable modem. It has dual ethernet ports and I have the external port set up to dhcp and the internal port set up to static. I have everything working correctly, and now I want to try to set up a vpn. I am aware that my external IP will change from time to time, but I am using ddns, and can find the new IP if I need to from an external spot. I am thinking about setting up the type of vpn that would require the cisco vpn client software on the client end. The problem is, I have no idea on what commands to use or where to start. Could anyone post a sample config or point me in the right direction? I am using IOS version 12.3 (11)T. Thanks for any help.

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Re: VPN with a Cisco 2651xm

Cisco has some great samples to follow when configuring your router for VPN services. Check out

for a sample of what you are doing, or

for other configuration samples.


Re: VPN with a Cisco 2651xm

It is asking for the CCO login which I dont have.

What can I do?



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