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VPN with ASA5510

I currently have a PIX525 and we just purchased a ASA 5510 to do VPN. What I want to do is leave the PIX in place as firewall and use the ASA device strictly for VPN.

Current traffic flows like:

Internet router -

PIX Outside -

PIX Inside -

Inside Router -


I put a switch between the Inet router and the PIX. Then I connected the ASA to the Switch and assigned

I then connected the inside interface of the ASA to the LAN with, however everytime to i make a VPN connection I'm not able to ping any devices on the LAN from the VPN connection. Understanding that the VPN packets are probably trying to be routed through the internal router. How do i configure my ASA device to be a VPN server completely independent of the PIX, while still allowing VPN users access to the subnet?

I have been trying to setup the network like the following:


Re: VPN with ASA5510

I think if your problem is related to ping, you have to allow ICMP echo in both directions on your PIX and ASA. You can also try by sending some other traffic through VPN tunnel and see if it works.

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