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VPN with Remote Desktop Issue.

Dear friends,

I am new to networking..

The senario is like:

In Cisco Router(1841), Easy VPN server is configured with a pool of Private IP's eg:(192.168.2.x) and test users created. Fast Ethernet is connected to 192.168.0.X network. So 0.x network ping to the router. NAT is enabled.


1. Is it mandatroy to use Cisco VPN client software, or is it possible to use default VPN settings in XP client machine. If so how ? ( This is to connect the VPN server )

2. After connecting to the VPN server using client software from the remote system, able to ping only with the systems which are configured with gateway which is the Fast thernet ip of the Router. How i can access the remote desktop without gateway ( as we are able ping to ethernet in local intranet ) It is the requirement. Is it possible ??

3. Once Cisco VPN client software installed in Windows XP, it is able ping and access the intranet resources, but it is not able to accessed from other systems. Why it happening and after uninstalling only it rectified. Is any conf on client system to access both VPN and at the same time access to others..

4. If we configure NAT with VPN... how the security issues comes and is secure network?

Waiting for reply..

Thanks In Advance..



Re: VPN with Remote Desktop Issue.

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