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VPN with Satellite

This has been asked before but has anyone able to use Cisco VPN over a Satellite connection? One of our sales rep lives in a remote area with no access to DSL nor Cable Modem and requires high speed connection to the main office. His only alternative at this point is Satellite and we're investigating DirecWay from DirecPC.

Please post a respond if you have experienced with this type of setup or anything close to. Thanks!


Re: VPN with Satellite

I just did an install for a remote user on a satellite. It gets the job done but with some issues. First, don't get the service that routes the page request over a dial up but down loads over the satellite. Yes it's cheaper but there are latency issues which makes this setup unusable with VPN. Get the one that routers everything over the satellite. Second, for some reason the web pages pull fast enough(not nearly like cable or DSL though) but anything pulled over the VPN connection is much slower (sometimes to the point where a dial up would be faster) I have not had time to look into that though. Any one out there with any ideas? It does work and to me is a last resort if there is nothing else available. The only reason we went SAT. is the users cable company made you change the computer name and Domain to their system. The company just got sold and come Feb. you won't have to do that and I am swiitching the user back to cable for the speed issues. I will be putting a PIX 501 in place for security. That's my 3 cents worth on Satellite.

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Re: VPN with Satellite

Using VPN 3000 client v3.1 and Altiga at v3.1.1. We have both two-way satellite(Starband from Dish Network) and the older (from DirectPC I think) dialup for requests with downloads via satellite.

1. We have had limited success with the two-way (Dish Network's Starband). We currently have to terminate two running processes, as_agent.exe and wgwlocalmanager.exe. Starting the VPN client after terminating these processes works, but speed is only about 30-40k. Not broadband, but better than driving in. There is tell of proxy software that will speed this connection considerably, but we haven't tried it yet. Note this is vpn over vpn, both the satellite and vpn uses different deterministic shims. I'm surprised it even works at all.

2. With the one that uses dialup for requests and satellite for is near full speed with vpn. Two users are on it and they love it. They also had to use "allow IPSEC over NAT". I think this is DirectWAY DW3000, but don't quote me on it!

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