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VPN won't execute.. :(

I can't make VPN client 3000 (Rel. 2.5) operate on a new hard drive. If I reconnect the old hard drive by itself, VPN will run. I've tried EVERYTHING......I really need this to work. The system is WIN98 second edition. When you start the VPN software, you get the initial error of message " The necessary IPSec service could not be started. You will not be able to make a connection to the remote IPSec server"

Followed by the circle X message "An error has occurred accessing the XXXX connection entry" "The database may have been corrupted or you don't have the proper access privileges"

Does the hard drive size have anything to do with this problem? The old drive was 8 gig, the new one is 60 gig. No other problems or programs affected. Perhaps a registry problem? I tried to merge the registry from the old drive into the new one, but that didn't help either.

If I try to create a new connection, it won't save it because of the failure to open the original one.

At this point, I think I'd be williing to pay Cisco out of my own pocket for a fix, just so I don't have to use my work laptop at home all the time. And I don't want to switch back to the old hard drive.

Please Help if possible... Thanks!

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Re: VPN won't execute.. :(

It should have nothing to do with the hard drive size or change but the way Win98 installed on this new drive. If I were you, I would clean everything off and reinstall everything fresh. Once Windows is setup clean, put the VPN client software on there first, before anything else. Cisco's TAC can support this for you with a support contract but in either case, I suspect you'll be reinstalling things. Good luck.

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Re: VPN won't execute.. :(

Hi, You should try and install a newer client (3.5.2). When you uninstall the client remove everything, profiles, certs etc.... Don't forget to reboot after you uninstall and after you reinstall. Thats probably going to be the first step the TAC engineer is going to try.

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