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VPN3002 to VPN3030 - Session timeout issues

I now know that the VPN3002 doesn't support LAN to LAN sessions. This causes a major problem for my customer when the session times out, as they cannot establish the session from the 3030 end. The user PC on the VPN3002 site has to establish the session. This is okay if the user is present, but my customer wants to establish a session if the user is not present. Is there anything I can configure on the VPN3002 or VPN3030 to ensure the session never times out? I've tried setting timeout to zero already.

Is there anyway of configuring LAN-LAN for the VPN3002?


Re: VPN3002 to VPN3030 - Session timeout issues


Configure vpn3002 in network extension mode, and make sure that you have V3.5.x code on both, vpn3002 doesn't need interesting traffic to bring up the tunnel, it would come up by itself.



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Re: VPN3002 to VPN3030 - Session timeout issues

This is exactly how it is configured. Is there a problem with 3.6 code, since the customer is thinking of upgrading to this in the next two weeks?

Customer has problems with Internet users sessions dropping out - same problem could be clearing VPN3002 session (but why wouldn't it come up by itself?)

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Re: VPN3002 to VPN3030 - Session timeout issues

Version 3.5.2 has problems working through a NAT solution - ie When connected to a private IP address space on a Firewall DMZ. Version 3.6 seems to correctly detect the NAT connection. You must upgrade both the 3002 and 3030 Device to > 3.6.x. Link from 3002 has now been up for 20 days. Failed on the 20th day. Now doing more investigation to hopefully get the VPN clients on 98/95 etc as reliable.

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