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VPNClient from DOS without prompting


I am using the Cisco 3.5 client to connect to a 3015 Conc.

From DOS I could run:

VPNClient Connect VpnProfile

And I get connected. But right before I get conencted I get a message:

"XYZ MainFrame access. For Authorized users only. Do you wish to Continue? y/n"

And I have to press Y to complete the VPN process.

I would like to run the VPN client through a batch file over night and every night to FTP a file to the mainframe. Is there a way to automate the "YES/Y" answer in the batch file or through a swtich key in the VPNClient command?



Cisco Employee

Re: VPNClient from DOS without prompting

This looks like the banner that appears when you connect. You don't normally get prompted for any Y/N answer if you just specify the profile and optionally the username and password on the command line. Check under the group parameters on the concentrator and see if the banner is set to:

"XYZ MainFrame access. For Authorized users only."

You can remove the banner which should get rid of the prompt, or if that's not possible perhaps you can be put in a separate group without a banner.

Having said that, I'm no batch file programming guru but couldn't you put a command in there to send a Y say, 10 seconds after it sends the "vpnclient connect" command.

Cisco Employee

Re: VPNClient from DOS without prompting

Yeah OK, just tested this and that message is definately the banner that's defined under the group parameter. Only way would be to remove the banner, or have your script send a "Y" somehow.

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