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New Member

Wacky ASA VPN Access Problem

Hi Folks,

I am currenty facing a situation and I am in real need for advice....

The situation is that though ASA is allowing our remote branches to access the inside network and its allowing inside folks to visit Internet, its not allowing VPN access from remote VPN client....V R using Cisco's VPN client ver. 4.6....

Please see a basic network layout that illustrates our network and the ASA's configuration....

Any advice to resolve this will be greatly appreciated....


Noman Bari

New Member

Re: Wacky ASA VPN Access Problem


i added sysopt connection permit-ipsec, but still no result...

any help in resolving this will be greatly appreciated....


New Member

Re: Wacky ASA VPN Access Problem


Whats happening is that i have now connected asa's outside interface directly to my test system which i am assuming to be coming from Internet e.g., has been assigned to asa's outsided and to the PC.

Now when there is no vpn config is on asa side and i try to connect then the vpn client obviously gives me an error message that peer isn't available... The thing is once i do the ASA's remote access vpn config via VPN wizard in ASDM, the vpn client gives me the error messages like failed to authenticate peer etc. (U can view them in the attached log file)...VPN Client gives following error notification:-

Initializing the connection...

Contacting the security gateway at

Secure VPN Connection terminated locally by the Client.

Reason 401: An unrecognized error occurred while establishing the VPN connection.

Not connected.

What i m getting confused is that though on ASA's side i m defining encryption perimeters but on vpn client side there is no encryption options available, so that both ASA and vpn client use same authentication and/or encryption methods.

In simple words VPN client is not getting authenticated and I can't seem to identify what I am missing in my configuration.

Your help will be greately appreciated.


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