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Web Application Issues through Clientless SSL VPN on ASA

We are using an ASA 5510 for clientless SSL VPN access. We have setup a bookmark list to a Sharepoint server. We have configured SSO to allow access to the sharepoint site.

On the Sharepoint site we have a link to some SQL Reporting Services reports. I have run into two issues that I need some help with:

1. On one report, the report loads fine and you can drill down through the report. When you hit the back button you get a page expired message. We can hit refresh and it will load the previous page. I have heard this is a common problem, has any found a work around for it?

2. I have 2 other reports that when we click the link to open the report, it starts to open the report and then logs you out of the SSL VPN. Through some sniffing we found that the report server is sending and access denied back, so I am sure that is why it logs out. But I can run this same report on the internal network and I never get the access denied and the report runs fine. So, I think that it might have something to do with how the SSL VPN is redirecting the webpage. Has anyone run into a similar issue or know a good way around this?

Thanks in advance.



Re: Web Application Issues through Clientless SSL VPN on ASA

Yes the only way the ASA will pass traffic through WebVPN is through SSL (Even port forwarding). Now if you open it up through a static/ACL then it will be clear text. Page expired message is coming due to timer expire. Close all browser windows before logging in again.

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Re: Web Application Issues through Clientless SSL VPN on ASA

Ok... I found a fix for both of these issues. On the link properties, I enabled the SmartTunnel option and then everything worked flawlessly.

I hope this helps someone else.



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Re: Web Application Issues through Clientless SSL VPN on ASA

I had a similar issue i enabled the smarttunnel checkbox, and this time i am getting different error.

Microsoft Visual Basic

Run-time error '1177'

The document name or path is not valid.

Try one or more of the following:

According to the microsoft website i should install SSL certificate on both the server and the client. Does it mean that I should install certificate on ASA and the sharepoint server?

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