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Web Security

Hi all.

With new variations of virus's, trojans, worms, malware, etc, I'm having some difficulty preventing this garbage from entering my network despite 4-5 layers of prevention beginning with spam filtering from my ISP. I'm wondering if a web security appliance might be a consideration and was wondering what others do to continue to allow users access to the internet but continue to keep their network safe and clean. Any feedback would be very welcome at this point.

To offer 2 side notes, my boss wants to use clustered proxy servers (I don't think this is the solution) and we continue to get hit with newer versions "Personal AV".

Thanks all in advance for your input.



Re: Web Security


I would lean towards proxy servers as well. A "web security" appliance is basically the same thing but can offer some other things like virus scanning. I have a couple of clients that use the web security appliances and love them. Internally we use proxies. Both work just fine. I guess size has a lot to do with it. My clients that use them are SMB so it's pretty cheap to deploy. We have 5000 users and that would be pretty expensive with a web security device.

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Re: Web Security

Good morning Collin.

Thanks for your insight. Our shop is relatively small supporting approximately 275 users, some scattered throughtout the state.

It's been a long time since I've had to use a proxy thinking MS Proxy 2 was my last exposure and deployment. Do you have specific recommendations for either a proxy product or web security appliance ?

Re: Web Security

IMO stay as far away from ISA as possible :-).

Proxies: Squid, web washer, blue coat

Web Security: IronPort, Barracuda

Iron Port is pretty slick and that's what all my customers use.


Re: Web Security

i second the motion on the ironport web security appliance...(they also offer an email security appliance as well).

The ironport team at Cisco works in co-operation with the IDS team at Cisco so they stay VERY up to date on their signature releases.

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