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WebVPN front end to OWA

Hi everyone. I am trying to set up our ASA to use Webvpn with group url so that when someone goes to they will log into the webvpn with their credentials and after they are auth'd, they're sent straight to the OWA login page.

I've found a couple of docs which I'm trying to follow, but their for old ASDM and code.

We're using ASDM 6.1 and 8.0(3) code on the ASA.

We're using Anyconnect full tunnel SSL VPN on our production boxes no problems - now we're trying to get the WebVPN stuff working. If anyone could point me to some updated docs (with ASDM 6+) that would be great - or just a couple of pointers.

Thanks so much,


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Re: WebVPN front end to OWA

We figured this out, turns out it's pretty easy. Here's how, if anyone is interested:

ASDM 6.1

Config->Remote Access VPN->Clientless SSL VPN Access->Connection Profiles->Add

Give it a name like OWA_CP.

At the bottom of the screen, for Default Group Policy, click on the Mange button to add a new Group Policy.

In Configure Group Policies, Add

Give it a name like OWA_GP

Everything is default until, MORE OPTIONS->Customization.

Change the Homepage URL to your OWA URL or whatever portal page you want to pop up, something inside your network.

All else for Group Policy is default. Ok and save.

Back in the Connection Profile Configuration, click Advanced->Clientless SSL VPN

At the bottom, in Group URL's, click Add and add the URL(s) which will you will give your users to connect to the portal from outside. For instance:

Note, if you have http redirect, don't forget to add a URL just for the http:// also.

That's it.

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