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WebVPN & Lotus Notes

I've been trying to configure Lotus Notes to work through my WebVPN. I'm setting it up using port forwarding. The Lotus Notes port I'm using is 1352. In the Lotus Notes client, I configure the server to be

So far I've had no luck getting this to work, although I've successfully set up other port forwarding apps.

Updated: I've finally got this to work.

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Re: WebVPN & Lotus Notes


can you please let us (me) know how you managed that ? To be honest I haven't started testing Lotus Notes access so far (but other applications). I would highly appreciate if you could say the three, four basic steps to do so.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Re: WebVPN & Lotus Notes

I'm using Lotus Notes client R5 on my laptop, running Windows2K.

Here's what I have done and sucessfully tested with Notes over WebVPN.

I didn't make any changes to my Notes client on my PC. My Notes client by

default uses port 1352 to talk to the Notes server. In the Notes client, check the "server

document" and be sure you have the FQDN of the Notes server that you connect to and the

TCP/IP port is checked active.

On the concentrator side, I configured Port Forwarding for Lotus Notes as


Name = Lotus Notes

Source port = 1352

Server =

Destination port = 1352

When you start the Port Forwarding Java applet from the SSL VPN web page,

you should see an entry for the Lotus Notes application. And you should see the ports that you have configured on the concentrator.

On your PC, Check in C:\Winnt\system32\drivers\etc to see that the hosts file has been updated with the port forwarding information from the concentrator. (you

can open this in notepad to view it) I had a problem with this because my hosts file attribute was "read only". I had to change it to writeable so the Java Port Forwarding applet could update it.

At this point you should be able to open a Windows CMD window and ping the

FQDN of your Notes server. If it replies, your configuration is good, and

you should be able to launch Lotus Notes and connect.

So far I have sucessfully tested several TN3270/vt100/5250 emulators, Remedy, Windows terminal services, and Notes, using this configuration.

I hope this helps. Let me know how your testing turns out.


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Re: WebVPN & Lotus Notes

Dear Ray,

now everything is working fine (before I didn't configure the DNS name in the VPN3K).

Thank you very much.


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