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Webvpn URL Browsing

Everytime i access a URL via webvpn, i get an error message like "Unable to connect to server Reason: peer closed. ". I have enabled both inbound & outbound http filters on the concentrator public interface.

Is there a workaround to this problem?

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Re: Webvpn URL Browsing

I think you should check the settings for port forwarding. When using port forwarding, webvpn sets up a listener on the local client pc that then gets forwarded to the concentrator and then on to the server. This does not work if the application uses dynamic ports, only if it uses a static port for the data transmission. For example, a lot of java applets use a specific port number to connect to but then the java applet connects to a dynamic port on the server.

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Re: Webvpn URL Browsing

thanks for the suggestion but i am not trying to connect to an application server. i am just trying to browse internet via webvpn. There are no web proxy servers in the network. Our concentrator is directly attached to an Internet Router. It can successfully resolve website dns names and ping them as well BUT it does not display the web page itself. It just gives error "Reason:Peer Closed"

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Re: Webvpn URL Browsing

can you access the internet while using a cisco vpn client or an ssl web vpn client ??

cause by default when u establish a vpn session to you company network.. internet browsing is turned off.. unless u use split tunneling...

that could be the prob perhaps..

just to be clear.. is it clientless webvpn or a ssl client webvpn..?? and normally how do u use the internet ?? default gateway of your internet router..?? or u have your ip address open in the firewall for inside to outside any..??

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