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WebVPN with ASP

I am using WebVPN on VPN Concentrator 3015 version 4.1, all works fine, browsing network viewing web servers etc. My problem is we use a Web server front ending a database that uses ASP with Javascripts, these just do not work. I have tried to different web servers with the same effect (one of which is CallManager). When I try to search a database I get a Javascript error. It seems WebVPN is adding its own headers to the HTML that is confusing Javascript. Any ideas?

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Re: WebVPN with ASP

Looks like there are a lot of issues

This is from the release notes.

Web Sites with Java or HTML Incompatibilities

The VPN 3000 WebVPN solution does not support web sites that use Macromedia Flash. Some even log out the WebVPN user when they encounter flash introductory screens. Other sites might exhibit problems, but only selected websites have been tested.

Some sites do not work because of incompatibilities with their current JavaScript, Java, HTML, or Macromedia Flash content implementations (CSCeb78900, CSCec25478, CSCec49393, CSCec74334, CSCed05714). Such sites include the following:,,,,, and

Some Java Applets verify that the server used to download the Applet matches a list of pre-defined servers before allowing applet execution. When you try to access (proxy) such sites via the VPN 3000 WebVPN, you cannot download such applets. This results in those sites not displaying correctly or having missing information.

Web Sites with Application Issues

Other sites have application issues. Applications that have Java applets that generate HTTP requests do not function over WebVPN. For example, you cannot log in to the CiscoSecure ACS application for this reason (CSC78536).

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Re: WebVPN with ASP

Thanks for the pointer, this definetly points to the issues I am having with Javascript, oh well it seems to be working fine for remote network access which is my primary requirement. Looks like we will have to wait for maintenance releases to sort out web site access. Overall I think WebVPN still has a long way to give the same look and functionality as some of its competitors.

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