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Weird setup afoot - need advice


I'm working avidly on my CCNA studies to take the exam early Feb., but things are happening around here faster than that.

We have a 1720 supporting VPN. I was told by Cisco that I can use the VPN capability of the 1720 through a serial cable to support VPN through a 1605-R. While my knowledge of basic router configuration is quite good, this sort of thing is beyond my studies. Could someone suggest how these connections need to be set up, and also what cabling would be required? I oculd use the input.


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Re: Weird setup afoot - need advice

Well you need to check what kind of CSU/DSU you have.. if they have a V.35 port, RS-232, etc.. then you need to buy the right cable for both side.. First at all bring up the interfaces and try to ping across.. after that then you can configure VPN across that serial interface.. In CCO you can find good examples of VPN router-to-router


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Re: Weird setup afoot - need advice

We're not using a CSU/DSU in this configuration. We wnat to hook up the 1605R to the 1720 by a serial cable, over which we could use the IPSec on the 1720 to authenticate the VPN connections coming to the 1605. The reason for this is twofold - we have an existing VPN on the 1720. We have a single SDSL connection with three IP addresses assigned to it. I plan to use the 1605 to route the inbound IP packets from the DSL to either a linux box for FTP/Web or to a sendmail server. The final IP address would be an internet access gateway.

We also plan to use the firewalling capabilities of the feature pack to filter our internet access - we currently use an appliance that does NAT with limited port forwarding. The goal of the serial/VPN is to allow limited remote access via VPN. As the serial connections on the ciscos are both strung off WIC-IT cards, so that would be DB60 to DB60, or would the DB60 need to point to the AUI on the 1720 or vice versa?

I greatly appreciate the response - this is a trial by fire for me, and all input if very welcome.

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