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What is the correct way to login to VPN Concentrator via Win2k?

We have people logging in via Win98, ME, an XP. I am the only person trying WIndows 2000. The client (3.5.x) doesn't ever connect. Trying an MS VPN just times out and says that the requested port is unavaliable.

I have a username and password for the client set up in the VPN concetrator, but, the Windows 2000 version never asks for the username or password. (using cached credentials?) If so, does this mean i need to login to my home Windows 2000 machine with the same username and password as is in the COncetrator Config for me? (which i already tried and didn't work) I expect their is very clear documentation on exactly how to set up a windows 2000 session to a Cisco VPN concetrator (3000 series) but searched for hours over the weekend, and today and found nothin on the newsgroups or Cisco's site.

help is greatly appreciated.

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Re: What is the correct way to login to VPN Concentrator via Win

Windows 2000 VPN client has no difference with XP version or win98, ME.

This is reason why we do not put extra documentation to explain how to connect from win2k PC to VPN 3000.

Please make sure that you are using "internal" authentication configed in the concentrator for the group settings. If you choose "none", there will be no user authentication needed.

When you are using "internal" authentication, you do not need the same username and password configed same in the concentrator as well as your NT domain.

If you are using same group name and username can get connection from other PCs not your home w2k PC, that PC or the home network might have an issues there.

Are you using modem-dialup connection or ADSL connection for your win2k?

When you are using ADSL, please make sure "IPSEC over UDP" enabled in the VPN 3000 concentrator , make sure UDP port 500 and 10000 not blocking by the ADSL router.

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Re: What is the correct way to login to VPN Concentrator via Win

My problem is with the authentication and MTU values. Using a dial-up connection I have no problem but with ADSL there is two problems.

1- What are the MTU values i should fix for proper utilization? What should be the MTU for PPPoE client and what value for "Set MTU" application in VPN client?. Are this values the same? I am confused with this, please help.

2- I can not do a logon with the feature "start before logon", the WIN2K answers "No client configured or bad password", but it is ok with dial up.


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Re: What is the correct way to login to VPN Concentrator via Win

The win2k login issue and the mtu could be related, since you said dial up is ok.

In general, with pppoe, you should be making the mtu adjustment on the utility that comes with the pppoe device and leave the client setting as is. You have to keep on trying to adjust the setting the lower mtu until you get successful connection.



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