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What PDM version?

We have a PIX 506e that I'm setting up. Yes, I know it's old but it's what we have so we're stuck with it.

How do I know what the latest version of the PDM is? I can't seem to find it anywhere on this site. Right now it's 3.0 (4).

I'm having all kinds of problems with getting kicked out after 2-3 changes.

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Re: What PDM version?

3.0.4 is the latest pdm version for pix os version 6.

if you want a newer gui (asdm) you need to upgrade your pix to os version 7.x

regarding your problems getting kicked out, what java version is installed on your pc? had this issue with java 1.6. - with 1.5 it worked again.



New Member

Re: What PDM version?

Good info. Thanks!

I think it was actually running Java 1.3 according to my environment so I put 1.5 in my path instead.

Are there any major improvements in the newer GUI? I've got a short time to get things set up so if I can't do more with a better GUI I might just wait until I get things working before I upgrade.

I've also been reading that the version I have for the firewall is as high as you can go for the 506e. Are you sure I can even upgrade?

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Re: What PDM version?

asdm is a lot better than pdm. its installed locally on the pc so you dont have to pray that the pdm opens when accessing it with your browser.

but you need pix os 7.x - and this upgrade brings lot of changes:

- hardware requirements (memory)

- config changes (especially the NATing stuff)

so imho it is not done in 5 mins.

best regards,


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Re: What PDM version?

You can't upgrade the 506E to 7.x, you need a 515 or a 515E.

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