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What's difference between CTA/CSA/Cisco Clean Access ?

I don't understand it.



Re: What's difference between CTA/CSA/Cisco Clean Access ?

Cisco Security Agent

Cisco Security Agent provides threat protection for server and desktop computing systems, also known as endpoints. It helps to reduce operational costs by identifying, preventing, and eliminating known and unknown security threats. The Cisco Security Agent consolidates endpoint security functions in a single agent, providing:

Host intrusion prevention

Spyware/adware protection

Protection against buffer overflow attacks

Distributed firewall capabilities

Malicious mobile code protection

Operating-system integrity assurance

Application inventory

Audit log-consolidation

Because Cisco Security Agent analyzes behavior rather than relying on signature matching, it never needs updating to stop a new attack. This zero-update architecture provides protection with reduced operational costs and can identify so-called "Day Zero" threats." Cisco Security Agent is included in the CiscoWorks Management Center for Cisco Security Agents, part of the CiscoWorks VPN/Security Management Solution (VMS).

Cisco Clean Access

Cisco Clean Access (NAC Appliance) is an easily deployed Network Admission Control (NAC) product that allows network administrators to authenticate, authorize, evaluate, and remediate wired, wireless, and remote users and their machines prior to allowing users onto the network. It identifies whether machines are compliant with security policies and repairs these vulnerabilities before permitting access to the network. Cisco NAC Appliance integrates the tasks of authentication, posture assessment, and remediation into one package, making it suitable for organizations that prefer a comprehensive turnkey solution over an infrastructure-based solution.


Re: What's difference between CTA/CSA/Cisco Clean Access ?

Thanks for the response.

I am trying to get my arms around the differences between CTA and the Clean Access Agent. When would you install one as opposed to the other? Thank you in advance!


Re: What's difference between CTA/CSA/Cisco Clean Access ?


The clean access agent will be installed if you have the Clean Access (now called NAC Appliance) solution.

If you're deploying the NAC framework, you will install the CTA agent.



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