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what's the difference between acl and conduit?

what's the difference between ACL and conduit command?


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Re: what's the difference between acl and conduit?

Hi Ybzhang,

ACL is the latest part of cisco in pix, earlier they used to have ony Conduit,R thats what I always thought.I see conduit Like a pipe where in they just allow what ever ports you assign and all others are blocked,and See Access List as your decision to allow and permit not only ports but also specific IP addresses and specific network addresses and it logically makes me feel more secure when I am using Access list , you can say it is like a psychological barrier in my mind that Access list make the cisco product more safer and makes me feel I have got what I paid for.

I have configured PIX using both access list and conduit , it is easier to configure using conduit for sure , but when You actually do it with an access list you face a few problems if it is your first but then at the end , you feel really more secure , surprisingly . True.

any more infor catch me at

Thanx !


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