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What's the more secure VPN solution?

I see different strings about VPN but using either routers, PIXs or VPN Concentrators to do it. What's the more secure way of doing VPN? For my environment I have at home users with cable and DSL modems. I have the 3005 Concentrator and they run a 3.x software client. Is there another way to do VPN that would be more secure?

Cisco Employee

Re: What's the more secure VPN solution?

You are after a remote access vpn solution so the 3005 is a good fit. One way you could increase security to your VPN concentrator is to place the VPN3K in parallel with your PIX with the outside interface of the 3K connected to the a dmz1 interface

of the PIX and the inside of the 3K to a second dmz2. This way you could control the access (ie with acl on the PIX) to the outside interface of the VPN3K and you could also control (thru acl again on the PIX dmz2) access of the internal network (on the inside of the PIX).

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