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what version of the latest CSPM?

I am confuse of CSPM latest version,is 2.3.3i or 3.1?

because I want to buy cisco ids lately,but somebody say the 2.3.3i is not well,

if I buy the ids now,can I use latest CSPM version?Is it still 2.3.3i?


Cisco Employee

Re: what version of the latest CSPM?

The latest verison of CSPM that supports IDS is 2.3.3i.

The 3.0 and later versions of CSPM do not support IDS.

The 3.0 and later versions of CSPM only support the Pix Firewall and IOS routers.

If you are looking at a small deployment of 3 sensors or less then you may also consider using the IDM (Web Based Intrusion Detection Device Manger) and IEV (Intrusion Detection Event Viewer) that are packaged free inside of the 3.1 version of the sensor.


New Member

Re: what version of the latest CSPM?

marcabal, this begs the question: what if you DO have a deployment of more than three sensors? I really like what you have brought to the table with IDM and IEV but I'm very unclear of what the future is for larger deployments? Do we run CSPM version 2.3.3i indefinitely?

Or do you have an "enterprise" version of IEV that supports more sensors and can be purchased?


Cisco Employee

Re: what version of the latest CSPM?

IEV is limited to only 3 sensors.

Current enterprise customers will need to use CSPM or the Unix Director.

For questions about the future enterprise management consoles you will need to contact a Cisco Sales Rep. We aren't allowed to discuss future products on the Forum. Your Cisco Sales Rep should be able to get in contact with the IDS Management Marketing team, and ask your questions for you.


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