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What would you charge

I have a question to all you Consultants. I've been recently hired to install a PIX 515E firewall, and config the system as well as setup the VPN database. I was wondering in just labor costs what would you charge for this job. All hardware is provided, the client has 50 internal clients, and there will be up to 100 VPN clients.

thanks Greg

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Re: What would you charge

The project like that can take from 4-6 up to 12-16 hours. Depends on many things. Take the typical hourly rate for your region and multiply. :-)

-- Eugene

New Member

Re: What would you charge

I would agree on the hours but not sure on the hourly rate. I would tend to agree with the theory of geographical area and number of resources available. Post your concensus on hourly wage or even email it to me too.

New Member

Re: What would you charge

About the hourly rate - here is the simple formula that can give you idea of how much it can be:

MinimalHourlyRate = (MedianSalaryPerYearForYourRegion / 1500)

Keep in mind that the actual rate can be from 2 up to 5 times higher.

It really depends on who providing you the services.

This minimum is the cheapest rate you probably can find.

From what I know - this sholuld be true for most regions.

If someone asking less then this bare minimum - I'll really doubt in their business model as well as in their ability to deliver the services with some reasonable performance and reliability.

Of course - you have to use the median salary for the Network/Security pro with at least 2-3 years of experience.

-- Eugene

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Re: What would you charge

One full day for your time..... $1,250 This includes install, testing and pre-installation preparation. I believe one full day rate is fair. This can be based on a project rate. So if it take you two days.... the client does not have to worry about it. If you get it done professionally, correctly and quickly you will make out since the client will feel not over charged, and will be able to trust you for future installs.

New Member

Re: What would you charge

I think a fair price would be $1250 to get the Firewall and VPN setup done, however are you wanting to price in setting up 100 vpn clients? That is a lot of work.

We usually setup the Firewall and VPN and train the Customer on the VPN Client setup and load it on one or two machines. When all is said and done, we then right up a detailed security policy.

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Re: What would you charge

If you are doing the job as sideline, yes 1250$ US may be fair, but it depends also of your customer's preparation.

Sometimes, you will have to :

- Upgrade new image and reload the firewall.

- May have problem with the firewall itself, and ask to Cisco to replace it or them if it's a failover config. (renegociate an unlock key with Cisco)

- help your customer to design the network behind (Inside, DMZ) the firewall

- have to help your customer to debug his servers configurations because he doesn't planned correclty

- Negociate with the ISP to have more IP addresses for particular purpose

- Redesign the DNS to reflect the changes in IP addresses and implement them

- Secure the network by applying better filtering technics (never leave PIX with the default config, particularly for inside network)

- Reapply new security rules because your customer has change his minds based on your comments :-(

- And i don't consider yet VPNs...

Conclusion: 1 day is a minimum. You may be there up to 3 to 5 days depending of your customer's preparation and your knowledge about the PIX.

Get the forms provide by Cisco and ask or help your customer to fill them to save a lot of times during the config phase.

Best regards,


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