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Where to find info or what should I open?

Greetings. This is my setup.

Exchange 2000. Users need OWA Access and access to Native use of Exchange. Not Imap or POP3.

DNS and telnet: We have a server that doesn DNS for outside use and Telnet for remote access to our UNIX box to run reports for users on the road.

VPN: We use normal VPN that comes from Windows 2000 Server.

I ask you as I am searching for a list of ports needed. I have found a good many but if someone here has similar setups and know what to set it would be apreciated.

Also my boss wants me to open up the LPR port for printing. I don't know of people wanting to print to our printers, but if he wants it open I guess I should look into it. Any reason why this would be a bad thing? I have not yet found a reason not to open it.


Re: Where to find info or what should I open?

OWA is just http or https. tcp 80 or 443. Self sign a certificate and enforce https only.

You don't want to open ports to allow outlook access through the firewall. Require vpn usage to use outlook.

Look at openssh as a telnet replacement for your unix servers. telnet = unencrypted passwords = ouch. telnet is tcp 23, ssh is tcp 22.

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Re: Where to find info or what should I open?

VPN isn't much of an option. This would slow down the user dialup access. Also, the UNIX server we have, according to our Unix Admin, wont handle SSH.

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