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My name is rashid and i just want to know,

What is VPN

Why VPN connectivity when there are already options of email,fax and telephone to communication and get the information

Thank you

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Re: Why VPN

You might wanna take a look :

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Re: Why VPN

Thank you sir, but than also ,If i am travelling places and i need to view my company reports on VPN,anyhow while travelling too it gonna need internet to access VPN,than instead of VPN, one would like to go for E-mail only rather than VPN connectivity.I am sorry,i am just clearing my doubts because one of the sales person had came yesterday in my office regarding cisco VPN site-to-site offer only.I was just not getting what VPN can do for me.Actually i am a non-tech guy.So need your help.Thanks.

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Re: Why VPN

What if you Email Server is accessible only from your office. If yu are not on your office Intranet, you will not be able to access your work email. Same applies for all the intranet sites, that are accessible when you are in office only.

This is the common type of setup in most of the companies.

So, while you are travelling you can not check your official email, unless you are connected to your office Intranet, and yu can do it using VPN client software.

But why should your company allow anyone from outside to access their internal servers, security risk ?? No, because, once connected via VPN , there's an encrypted, secure channel between your pc and your company's n/w, which no one can see, over the public internet.

Once you are connected, you are a part of your Intranet onec again.

SAme applies for a site to site tunnel, two branches of a company using private addresses, wants to cmmunicate over the Public Internet, securely, then the only solution they have is VPN.

Let me know if yo have more questions.

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Re: Why VPN

I dont have intranet or email servers but i do share my reports on yahoo and hotmail and i guess it is safe

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