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Windows 2003 Server-VPN Client not adding routes correctly

I'm working with a 2003 Server OS, and have installed the V4.0.3A VPN Client on it (which sounds like the entry point for 2003 Server).

It was having trouble getting to the PDC, DNS servers & other things that it should have been able to get to, so I started looking at the VPN Client log, and it was complaining that it couldn't add routes. One of the lines in the log was"AddRoute failed to add a route" When I did a "route print" routes were missing, so I added a default route pointing to my VPN Client's virtual address, and it works OK.

So the question is, since I can't make this a persistant route because the Virtual adapter's IP address changes, what can be done?

Any ideas on why the VPN Client can't add these routes? From this same account I can add the route manually, so it doesn't seem to be a priv issue, just note sure why the VPN Client can't add them. Any ideas?

Cisco Employee

Re: Windows 2003 Server-VPN Client not adding routes correctly

The VPN client has not been tested specifically, nor is it supported, on Windows 2003. The Release Notes here:

mention that the system requirements are 2K/XP, not 2003. My guess is that 2003 does not add routes similarly to 2K/XP, but since our client has not been written for 2003 it only knows how to do it the 2K/XP way, hence you're getting the errors you're seeing in the log.

Having said all that, the client *should* work on 2003. The 4.0(3) client did have an issue where it mistakenly complained about the Zone Labs vsdata file included in the product and warned users to upgrade to a newer Zone Labs product rev, even though the full Zone Labs product was not installed. We addressed this in the 4.0.3 release of the VPN Client by including a new vsdata component from Zone Labs. This is probably where you got your information about 4.0(3)A being the first version that worked with 2003. I would check what user the VPN client service is running as, perhaps that user doesn't have the priv's to do it. Other than that I know next to nothing about 2003 so someone else will have to chime in.

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Re: Windows 2003 Server-VPN Client not adding routes correctly

Is there a workaround to this problem. I've upgraded from 3.x VPN client (which did work on 2003 server apart from the vsdata error) to 4.0(3)D. The vsdata error no longer occurs but the VPN client does not now work....the tunnel is established OK but all packets destined for the remote network are bypassed / not routed.

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