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Windows login over VPN Client 4.0

I am having problems browsing a Win2k network, and connecting to any resources on the network with the following configuration:

Cisco 2611 with Firewall IOS

Windows 2000 Pro client with Cisco VPN Client 4.0

Windows 2k Active Directory domain

I can ping devices on the network by IP address and hostname, with a response time of around 200ms. However, I cannot log on to the domain, map a drive, browse the network through explorer, or connect to an Exchange server.

When I try to connect the VPN before login, then login to the domain, it appears to be logging in but takes about 20 minutes, then when I finally see the desktop I do not appear to be logged in.

I am connecting over a 56kbps modem link. Is this possible, and does anyone know of any way to speed this up?

Cisco Employee

Re: Windows login over VPN Client 4.0

Make sure you have "File and Printer sharing" and "Client for MS Networks" checked under the Networking tab for the dial-up networking connection. Also under the TCP/IP properties for this connection, enable "Netbios over TCP". If all else fails, add the PDC into the lmhosts file onto the PC and make sure "Enable LMHosts lookup" is enabled under the connection properties also.

New Member

Re: Windows login over VPN Client 4.0

Thanks for the advice, I have now tried all your recommendations but they have not made a difference. I have also found that I cannot log into a Windows 2000 AD domain using any type of VPN, even site-to-site.

If I use DNS, the DNS server responds with the names of the domain controllers, but says I cannot communicate with them. I can ping using hostname and IP address.

If I use WINS, I get a message saying that the domain controller cannot be found. I can ping the WINS server and DNS server by name. Adding the PDC to LMHOSTS makes no difference.

Any help would be appreciated as I have now run out of options, and the customer is extremely unhappy.

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