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Windows Messenger Video/Voice through PIX

What I'm needing to do is to configure my firewall so that I can have video and/or voice conversations with anyone on the outside of my network with Windows Messenger. The computers on the inside are using PAT to get to the internet. My firewall is running at 6.2(2). I've enabled the fixup for sip, but it still does not connect . Strangely, yahoo messenger 's video will work, albeit slowly, but it does work.

Am I missing something in this setup? I've seen mentions of needing a sip server(?) but nothing definitive.

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Re: Windows Messenger Video/Voice through PIX

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Re: Windows Messenger Video/Voice through PIX

Michael - I've struggled with this issue for a looong time. I tested it completely by opening the pix up completely (i.e. no rules at all) but didn't work. Eventually opened a TAC case, but to no avail. Here is what Cisco said:


The PIX is not PnP aware and as per the url below voice over msn messenger uses pnp which may be the cause as to why you are not able to get voice traffic across.;EN-US;Q324214&

There is already a bug (more of a feature request) opened for pix to support pnp. Bug id : CSCdy26037 which states as below:

Windows XP Messenger uses Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) for voice and video. PIX is currently not UPnP aware. This is a request for support for UPnP in PIX. More information can be found here:


Hope this prevents you from going through the same pain as I did! Another bug that is semi-related is CSCdy19067, although they are talking about a Cisco SIP Proxy Server. Perhaps this is closer: CSCea44951.

Has anyone tried MSN voice calls with 6.3(1)???



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Re: Windows Messenger Video/Voice through PIX


I'm not sure if you've looked at the new msn (not windows) messenger yet, but I've been able to have voice and video conversations through my firewall with it. The just released windows messenger still doesn't work....I would have thought they'd have the same voice/video coding so I was expecting it to work as well.


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