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WINXP Client connecting to Exchange Server

I have a single user with an XP notebook connecting with a VPN 3.6.1 client.

The client connects to the Internet via AOL and then tunnels to our network with the VPN client. The problem is that the connection to our private network doesn't allow the client to connect to Exchange Server or browse the network.

A Win2k notebook configured with the same client attaches just fine and allows connection to the Exchange Server and network browsing.

Has anyone come across this problem before?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: WINXP Client connecting to Exchange Server


Try lowering the MTU on the machine.. Is the Win2k using AOL aswell? Have you tried other WinXP machines, as this issue has not generally been seen?




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Re: WINXP Client connecting to Exchange Server

The Win2K machine is using AOL to connect to the Internet as well.

I did try lowering the MTU and I got the same result: no browsing and no Exchange connection.

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Re: WINXP Client connecting to Exchange Server

I am having the same problem. We have a client running WinXP SP1 with Outlook XP SP2. And they are running Cisco VPN Client 3.6.1, they can connect to the VPN and maintain a connection, however, they cannot log onto the Exchange 2000 SP1 server. It prompts them to check their Username, Password, Domain and try again. Their authentication is correct, we have tested it locally and it works fine.

The client is able to ping the Exchange 2000 server by name, they are able to browse the network fine. We have reinstalled XP, Office and the VPN client as well as the network adapter. I can see some activity on the Exchange Server when the client tries to logon (with the netstat -na command) I see the client's IP address accessing the server, however, they still cannot authenticate.

I am stuck, I have tried looking at it from the Outllook/Exchange view and cannot find anything, another remote VPN client connects fine to Exchange with the same configuration. We have tried installing the 3.5.4 client and no success either.

Does anyone out there have any ideas???

Your help is much appreciated,

Frank Mirecki

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