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Wireless LinkSys router with VPN3030

I have a LinkSys Wireless router (model BEFW11S4)at home. Using the Cisco VPN Client software on a WIN 2000 LAPTOP, I can connect to the vpn 3030 (sits in the DMZ). However, I cannot ping the servers (E;G. winds, dns, ETC.) inside the network. I received request time out. However, using my Xircom NIC card attached to one of the ports on the same router, I can establish an IpSec and was able to access/ping my servers. Does anyone has any clue how to fix the wireless scenario?



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Re: Wireless LinkSys router with VPN3030

While I dont have an answer, I would like to add that I am having the exact same problem with the Cisco VPN 5000 client. I have sent detailed descriptions of the problem and packet captures of a successful wired connection to Linksys Product management (who still claims there is no difference to the router/NAT portion of the device whether you are wired or wireless into the bridge portion). At the networkers conference in LA I had an opportunity to speak to some engineers on the VPN team, and they were not aware of this issue.

Incidentally, the Linksys wireless NIC (WPC11) we generally use has no problem with the tunnels through other access points.

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