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WSUS - NAC Best Practice

Hello every one,

I'm making a Demo of NAC in both IB and OOB VG enviroments. I'm trying to add a WSUS policy to be checked on the client machines. The firs I tried Take around 5 min every time I log in. I understand this happens because I using the severity option when I configure the requirement. If I use the the Cisco Rules option will this be faster?

Is there a site I can consult to see what the Pre-Configured rules check for.

Can anybody tell me a good configuration for this requirement knowing this is a demo and I just want it to work.

Thanks in advance.


Re: WSUS - NAC Best Practice

For new deployments of Cisco NAC Appliance, by default all traffic from the trusted to the untrusted network is allowed, and traffic from the untrusted network to the trusted network is blocked for the default system roles (Unauthenticated, Temporary, Quarantine) and new user roles you create. This allows you to expand access as necessary for traffic sourced from the untrusted network.

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