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xml config files

Where can I find an official documentation that describe various xml configuration files (e.g. defVirtualSensorConfig, defVirtualAlarmConfig,sensorMicro)?


Re: xml config files

My search on the Cisco Web site did not give any documentation on this. Sorry to ask this very basic question, where do you use these files? I am very new to IDS and just learning it.

New Member

Re: xml config files

We found it in the sensor (/usr/cids/idsRoot/etc/ directory).

Cisco Employee

Re: xml config files

The files can be found in the directory mentioned by thomas.chen.

However, as a standard user you will want to use the IDS MC, CLI, or IDM to modify these files.

If you are an advanced user then you can ask for the RDEP and IDIOM specifications which describe some of the internal workings of the sensor. The RDEP specification describes the protocol used to communicate with the sensor, while IDIOM goes into details of the messages generated by the sensor.

In addition IDIOM will also tell how to send new xml configuration files to the sensor.

Even internally we do not directly edit the stored xml configuration files. IDIOM provides a mechanism for requesting the current xml configuration, then you can edit it, and use another IDIOM message to send the new xml configuration back to the service. The service will first validate the new xml before using it to replace the older xml.

SO as a standard user you may want to view the xml configuraiton files, but do NOT make direct edits. Instead use the CLI, IDM, or IDS MC to modify the configuration.

As an advanced user you would still NOT make direct edits, but may use IDIOM/RDEP to retrieve, modify, and apply the new configuration.

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