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Xwindows over the VPN client v3.5

Having problems when I try to establish an Xwindows client session on a laptop equipped with the Cisco VPN Client v3.5.

For all other traffic, we have no problems. The same laptop, when brought onto the private network can successfully start an X session.

The configuration is:

Laptop using Winaxe v6 and Cisco VPN client v3.5 (other versions tested also)

VPN concentrator 3005 (updated software)

The laptop is naked on the internet, no firewall. The VPN concetrator has no filters applied to the private interface, no other restrictions placed on traffic.

Using PPTP works fine. Using the same setup, minus the VPN client of course.

The only thing I can discern is that the Winaxe program needs the acquired IP address of the remote private network. This is obtained using PPTP since a virtual interface with the remote IP address is created, but with the VPN client software, no such virtual interface is created.

Is there anyway to create such a thing? Has anybody found a workaround?

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Re: Xwindows over the VPN client v3.5

You will need to change the IP address for the display variable of your xwin client to the assigned address to the vpn client software. You would unfortunately have to do this every time you connect, depending on what ip address gets assigned to the client by the concentrator.


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