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Can't ping from sourced IP but works otherwise


                  I can not ping to 174.x.x.1 from a linux based box on the network. I can ping to 174.x.x.1 when I source from the same vlan interface that the Linux box is on. (10.8.x.x). This is on interface vlan 101. I can ping back from the last hop router but not when I source from the 174.x.x.x  subnet. The routes at either end of the path are being propagated by BGP. There are no access lists prohibiting the 10.x.x.x space or 174.x.x.x space on either of the last hop routers. What am I missing?

Cisco Employee

What is the default gateway

What is the default gateway of the linux box? ping that default gateway. Then find the ip address of egress interface, and that will be the source address when you ping 174.x.x.1 without specifying source ip. Check on 174.x.x.1 if it has  route to that ip address.

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