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Cisco 876 suddenly lost connection to DSL provider.


For the past 6 months i have set up a 876 router (DSLoISDN) which worked fine. Four days ago we lost DSL connection to the ISP. The ISP made a test and found out that his systems are ok and that there must be some kind of wrong config to our router!!!

I am going nuts but before that please give me any hint before I start screaming.

My actions are the following:

1. Checked NTU modem and is fine. Also replaced cabling and DSL filter just in case.

2. Router has following indications

'ON' is on

'Link' is on

'CD' is blinking

My Atm interface is setup in 'auto' dsl-operation mode with PPPoA and authentication credential good(tested again with ISP).

My atm status is down / down and when i issued the 'sh dsl int atm 0' i got the following:

rout3#sh dsl int atm0


Alcatel 20190 chipset information

Line has not yet been activated.

Modem Status: Down (DMTDSL_DO_OPEN)

DSL Mode: Unknown

Interrupts: 61696 (0 spurious)

PHY Access Err: 0

Activations: 0

LED Status: OFF

LED On Time: 100

LED Off Time: 100

Init FW: init_AMR-3.0.014_no_bist.bin

Operation FW: AMR-3.0.014.bin

FW Source: embedded

DSL: Training log buffer capability is not enabled

Then i enabled training log and i attach you the output. Can anybody please help???

MANY thanks


PS I assume that the DSL port in my router is working since after a reset i see all indications and moreover from SDM i can enable/disable interface...

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