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Docsis message “CM_CTRL_REQ”

Just a quick query about Cisco CMTS command.

Cablelab D3.0 spec defines CM_CTRL_REQ, and relative TLV encodings for mgmt purpose.

section 6.4.35.

And we want to utilize Docsis standard Mac message “CM_CTRL_REQ” for some workaround solutions on CM.

Q: if there is a CLI command from 10k that will trigger an “CM_CTRL_REQ” message to CM?

We surveyed, find “clear cable modem mac_address reset” & “clear cable modem mac_address delete” would NOT.

And no more clue from

MSO is using ubr10k, and IOS is 12.3.23BC8


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Re: Docsis message “CM_CTRL_REQ”

Hi Jun,

In 12.2(33)SCC and onward we do have a test command to trigger this message. The CM_CTRL DOCSIS messages are not used by any process on the CMTS beside this test command at this time.

This test command is not available to 12.3BC releases.

** WARNING ** Please be aware this is a test command and is not officially supported - we do not ever recommend running test commands in a production IOS device. Please restrict this use to the lab boxes.

The command is "test cable cm-ctrl"

    test cable cm-ctrl   {  |  }

    test cable cm-ctrl 0016.92fb.55bc ?
      <0-65535>  Transaction ID

    test cable cm-ctrl 0016.92fb.55bc 100 ?
      1    Upstream Channel RF Mute
      3    CM Reinitialize
      4    Disable Forwarding
      5    Override DS Status Event Enable Bitmask
      6    Override US Status Event Enable Bitmask
      tlv  CM-CTRL TLVs in hex (<= 80 bytes)

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