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ISG issue on AAA prepaid authorization


I'm currently working on a FTTH project and I  configured a 7204VXR (NPE-G1) along with a 12.2(31)SB2 version of IOS,  in order to use Cisco ISG functionnalities. My cisco config file is in  attachment.

We have the following architecture: 

I managed to get the following things working:

     - the user (identified by its CPE or ONT/NAS port) first get an IP address from the ISG

     - the ISG send an authentication request to the RADIUS server

     - if the user is unknown (RADIUS user unknown) or if he didn't subscribe to any service, he is redirected to our web portal

     - the web portal ask ISG via CoA messages for the user's information (MAC, IP address, etc.) in order to identify him

      - then the user subscribes to a service (or create an account first if  he's unknown), i.e a 10Mbits Internet access from ISP A

     - the billing and payment informations are transmitted to the billing server

     - the web portal create/modify the user's profile on RADIUS server (using a Mysql DB)

     - the RADIUS server tells (with CoA messages) to ISG to re-authenticate user

     - RADIUS sends to the ISG the list of services the user have access to

      - depending on the service functionnalities, ISG apply service's  parameters for the user session (bandwidth, access list, DHCP relay, IP  parameters, etc.)

But,when I try to use "Prepaid"  functionnalities (like defining a Volume or Time Quota) I have an issue:  the ISG sends an authorization message (access request) to the RADIUS  server, with an empty "username". Then the RADIUS server logically  refuses this request and I can't make prepaid functions working. The  documentation says the "username" should be the ip address of the user

Does someone ever try the prepaid functionnalities of ISG? Why my username stays empty?

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ISG issue on AAA prepaid authorization


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