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More bandwidth required by upper management

I'm looking for a WAN circuit solution that would give us nationwide support, at least 5 Mb down 2Mb up bandwidth, and a cost of less than $400 per location monthly and any suggestions on hardware and management solutions for terminating large numbers of internet circuit VPN tunnels.  

Our company has over 600 locations nationwide with a centralized data center and a redundant data center in another location.  We have every location on at least a T1 MPLS circuit from Verizon, with larger bandwidth at the data centers and large volume locations.  We have very stable connectivity, proactive support from Verizon, and very competitive pricing per T1 monthly.   But our CIO has sent down a requirement to us to get 5 Mb down and 1-2 Mb up at every location either in place of or in addtion to our Verizon T1 circuits depending on pricing.    The only solutions that seem to be out there to get this type of bandwidth cheaply is through local "business class" broadband providers.   The problem we have with broadband providers in the past has been that there is no national provider, not all of our locations are within broadband provider's service areas and the hardware and manpower to support all the internet tunnels becomes very costly.  

   If we were to find a solution that were cheap enough we would keep our T1's and use policy routing to send all data other than ERP and voice to traverse the new Internet circuit.


More bandwidth required by upper management

So, do you have a head end like a DC where you have all the IPsec Tunnels via the internet terminate?

Do you want to limit the amount of data throug the IPsec tunnels down 5Mbps to every site and up 2Mbps from each site?

Please let me know if  I have understoon you clearly.



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