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MPLS DS-TE, Class Types and Bandwidth constraint Mapping with MAM and RDM



I have been reading DS-TE stuff lately and has some confusion which i mentioned below. i would appreciate if some expert can shed light on these points:


1. Since only BC0 and BC1 are in use, so in MAM model if we direct traffic with different QoS marking in DS-TE tunnel, how MAM would map or handle different classes as MAM is a one to one mapping ?


2. Lets say that a DS-TE is established using sub-pool of 20 MB and traffic mapped on this tunnel from different sources with different marking exceeds this 20MB value so in that case, does it mean that traffic with lower precedence will be dropped.


3. Do we need to Map only one class in tunnel with MAM class and can map up-to eight in RDM ?



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