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Need help!! ASR1002 SPA Timing issue

We have 2 ASR1002's, each with 2 SPA-2CHT3-CE-ATM cards, carrying 4 DS3's. The DS3's are successfully passed over CEM using MPLS between the routers, but the timing is off, so we are seeing high bit errors and the like. After consulting the manual, I see that the SPA cards do not support network timing, which is how we had set it up. It says to use adaptive recovered timing, but when I try to set them as master/slave, it tells me that the SPA card does not support this. I am at a total loss on how to time these units. We had been using a IEEE-1588 timing source, with T1 BITS output to the far-end ASR to synchronize the timing with the near-end, but this will not work either, as the ASR1002 does not output timing on its BITS port. How can these be synchronized when it seems that the cards don't support any timing??


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