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(p3sm –-show) on supsciper manager (SCE)

Hi All,

When I issue the command (> p3sm –-show) on the supsciper manager machine I can notice the following line.

Do anybody know what is the meaning of it.

LEG block mode is on:              false.

And how to enable (Auto-resync at SCE reconnect)

Sample output:

> p3sm –-show

Subscriber Management Module Information:


Persistency in SCE (static):       false

Auto-resync at SCE reconnect:      false

Save subscriber state on logout:   false

Pull mode is on:                   false

LEG block mode is on:              false

Logon logging is on:               false


Number of logins:                  1872423

Number of logouts:                 1824239

Number of auto-logouts:            0

Number of pull requests:           0

LEG-SM link failure:

Clear all subscribers mappings:    false

Timeout:                           60

Up time:                           4 hours 16 minutes 44 seconds

Inactive Subscribers Removal:

Is Enabled:          false

Inactivity timeout:  1 hours

Max removal rate:    10 subscribers per second

Task interval:       10 minutes

Last run time:       Was never run

Automatic Logout (lease-time support):

Is Enabled:          false

Max logout rate:     50 IP addresses per second

Task interval:       disabled

Grace period:        10 seconds

Last run time:       Was never run

Command terminated successfully



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