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Parental Control solutions for SCE8000

Hey guys good day,

would you please share your knowledge with me about how to implement a Parental Control solution;

we use Cisco service control solution, with SCE8000; and as far as I could find in cisco documentation there are three possibel solutions for content filtering, which are basically two scenarios:

1. adding a CPA server and connect it in-line with the SCE [that is not an option if the SCE is on cascade mode]

2. connect the SCE to a DB that have the list of URLs you need to filter, and this DB could be internal DB using [sce-url-database] or external DB like some third party DB and here is the question!!

in cisco documentation and even within the distribution file for sca-bb, you can find (surfcontrol), but surfcontrol is no longer in business as I found on the internet, and surfcontrol URL database is being used by other firms, so what does it mean when I read in v4.1.0 documentation about the surfcontrol

I'm a little stock here so please point me some directions

thank you in advance

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Websense bought Surfcontrol

Websense bought Surfcontrol and it's at least possible to renew licenses with them. Perhaps it's also possible to buy the Surfcontrol CPA server.


But most operators are using DNS for centralised parental control solutions.

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Dear,Content filtering is


Content filtering is possible with websense, you need to have CPA server/services from websense which will be served to your local server, and your SCE will be communicating with your local server for controlling.

regards, Abdul rafay essani


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