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SCE reboots into recovery mode everytime

I have a SCE1000 running 3.5.0 (or 3.1.7), and every time it reboots, it goes into recovery mode. When I connect, it prompts for the initial setup questions, and when it tries the save them, most of them fail because it is in recovery mode. Also when rebooting, watching the output of the AUX port, you can see the software generate errors (always at the same point) and the device actually reboots about three times before bringing up the login prompt on the Console port.

It was working in a test environment just fine, but I think it crashed when I made a couple of changes to the RDR generation options in the BB SCA 3.5 application and tried to apply them.

I've used the aux port to re-install the 3.5.0 package, and also install the 3.1.7 package, but it still crashes.

Anyone have any ideas on what to do next. I'm having problems getting a TAC case open, problems with the ownership on the SmartNet contracts as we are leasing.... Working on sorting that out.


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