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SP backbone & internet exchange design


I need to know same informations about SP BB design, in our case we have two Cisco routers 7600 for Internet exchange with upstream SPs (3 different SPs) and two 6510 (PE & P at the same time) all with sup 720 3xbl.

I want to know the bests practices to build th BB and how the Internet exchange will be configured (receive the full Internet routing table from the 3 SPs with a different metric to load-share, or the full routing table from the best and a default from the others) and for the P / PE will be revive a default route from 7600.

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SP backbone & internet exchange design

This is kind of a broad question to answer. What are your own thoughts on the design? You should also be aware that Sup720 is getting close to its limits depending if you are intending to run any multicast and IPv6 as well.

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SP backbone & internet exchange design

Hi Tarik

This all depends on your requirement, and also it depends on bandwidth to your carrier, for example with one carrier your have 1 Gig, with another carrier you have 500 Meg, then you might want 1 Gig link to be prefered for 70% of traffic, and 500 Meg to be prefered for 30% traffic. And when link to one carrier goes down, all traffic to go via another carrier.

If you are running BGP between 7600 & SP, then there are multiple way to achieve this

If you can explain your requirement in details, I will try to look into in details



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