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strange (new) MLP behaviour: "L2TP: No vtemplate defined"

Dear all

I am facing a new problem on two of our L2TP-LNC.

We have a couple of PPP users connected with MLP multilink bundles. If one of these multilink bundles loses one of its members it seems that the link cannot be re-added to the multilink bundle when it comes back. Debugging on the LNC gives me these two lines:

Jun  7 13:32:38: MLP: Bundle appointed (implicit)
Jun  7 13:32:38: uid:1453 Tnl/Sn 31559/54220 L2TP: No vtemplate defined - check config

This is repeating all the time until - all of a sudden - the link becomes re-added to the bundle. This happens always after another PPP user has disconnected.

The machines in question are NPE-G1 with 1024 MBytes of memory. Currently there are around 370 users on each of the machines and memory usage is around 300MBytes.

Are there any limitations on the number of multilink bundles or VirtualAccess-Interfaces?

What does the debug message "No vtemplate defined" mean? Of course the virtual template is well defined.

Thanks for any help or hint,


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