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Troubleshoot CRS with 100GE interface

Hi guys,

We have some trouble with 100GE interfaces. Log says it's a far end failure, but anyway I would like to discard this side.

Looking at the output of "show controllers hundredGigE 0/13/0/0 all" I really can't tell everything's Ok.

I would like to understand a few things about this output:

100GBASE-LR4 has 4 lanes, but there are 20 lanes listed in section

  "Mapping of Service Interface Lane and RX PCS Lane:"

What does PCS mean?

What might be the root cause of current PCS Lane BIP Error Counters?

Is there anything I would need to check on plim, pse, etc?

Also, any reading material will be appreciated.

Here you have the command output:

show controllers hundredGigE 0/13/0/0 all

Tue Oct 22 16:38:40.597 BsAs

Operational data for interface HundredGigE0/13/0/0:


    Administrative state: enabled

    Operational state: Up

    LED state: Green On


    Media type: R fiber over 4 Lane optics (long reach)


        Vendor: CISCO-FINISAR

        Part number: FTLC1181RDNS-C2

        Serial number: FIN1636000W

MAC address information:

    Operational address: 001d.454d.8412

    Burnt-in address: 001d.454d.8412

    No unicast addresses in filter

    Operating in multicast promiscuous mode

Autonegotiation disabled.

Operational values:

    Speed: 100Gbps

    Duplex: Full Duplex

    Flowcontrol: None

    Loopback: None (or external)

    MTU: 9200

    MRU: 9200

    Inter-packet gap: standard (12)

Statistics for interface HundredGigE0/13/0/0 (cached values):


    Input total bytes           = 1104715

    Input good bytes            = 1081503

    Input total packets         = 5803

    Input 802.1Q frames         = 0

    Input pause frames          = 0

    Input pkts 64 bytes         = 6

    Input pkts 65-127 bytes     = 3377

    Input pkts 128-255 bytes    = 1706

    Input pkts 256-511 bytes    = 293

    Input pkts 512-1023 bytes   = 313

    Input pkts 1024-1518 bytes  = 108

    Input pkts 1519-Max bytes   = 0

    Input good pkts             = 5803

    Input unicast pkts          = 5790

    Input multicast pkts        = 10

    Input broadcast pkts        = 3

    Input drop overrun          = 0

    Input drop abort            = 0

    Input drop invalid VLAN     = 0

    Input drop invalid DMAC     = 0

    Input drop invalid encap    = 0

    Input drop other            = 0

    Input error giant           = 0

    Input error runt            = 0

    Input error jabbers         = 0

    Input error fragments       = 0

    Input error CRC             = 0

    Input error collisions      = 0

    Input error symbol          = 15579

    Input error other           = 0

    Input MIB giant             = 0

    Input MIB jabber            = 0

    Input MIB CRC               = 0


    Output total bytes          = 2862870

    Output good bytes           = 2836906

    Output total packets        = 6491

    Output 802.1Q frames        = 0

    Output pause frames         = 0

    Output pkts 64 bytes        = 4

    Output pkts 65-127 bytes    = 3587

    Output pkts 128-255 bytes   = 1186

    Output pkts 256-511 bytes   = 244

    Output pkts 512-1023 bytes  = 16

    Output pkts 1024-1518 bytes = 1454

    Output pkts 1519-Max bytes  = 0

    Output good pkts            = 6491

    Output unicast pkts         = 6455

    Output multicast pkts       = 35

    Output broadcast pkts       = 1

    Output drop underrun        = 0

    Output drop abort           = 0

    Output drop other           = 0

    Output error other          = 0

Management information for interface HundredGigE0/13/0/0:

Port number: 0

Bay number: 0

Interface handle: 0x1d80100


    Auto-negotiation: Configuration not supported (Off)

    Carrier delay (up): Not configured

    Carrier delay (down): Not configured

    Speed: Configuration not supported (100Gbps)

    Duplex: Configuration not supported (Full Duplex)

    Flow Control: Not configured (None)

    IPG: Configuration not supported (standard (12))

    Loopback: Not configured (None)

    MTU: 9192 bytes

    Bandwidth: Not configured

    BER-SD Threshold: Configuration not supported

    BER-SD Report: Configuration not supported

    BER-SF Threshold: Configuration not supported

    BER-SF Report: Configuration not supported

    BER-SF Signal Remote Failure: Configuration not supported

Driver constraints:

    Min MTU: 64 bytes

    Max MTU: 9600 bytes

    Max speed: 100Gbps

    Interface type: HundredGigE

    Management interface: No

    Promiscuous mode: Yes

    Default carrier delay up (auto-neg on): 0 ms

    Default carrier delay down (auto-neg on): 0 ms

    Default carrier delay up (auto-neg off): 0 ms

    Default carrier delay down (auto-neg off): 0 ms

    Allowed config mask: 0x26b

Cached driver state:

    MTU: 9200 bytes

    Burnt-in MAC address: 001d.454d.8412

Operational carrier delay:

    Carrier delay (up): 0 ms

    Carrier delay (down): 0 ms

Not a member of a bundle interface.

Satellite uplink settings:

    Not in satellite uplink (ICL) mode.

Port FSM state:

    Port is enabled, link is up

Complete FSM state:

    Admin up

    Client admin up

    Client admin tx not disabled

    Port enabled

    Port tx enabled

    Hardware link up

IDB interface state information:

    IDB client admin up

    IDB client tx admin up

    IDB error disable not set

0 Unicast MAC Addresses:

0 Multicast MAC Addresses:

Operational address: 001d.454d.8412

Burnt-in address: 001d.454d.8412

MAC state for beluga 0 port 0

MAC state for barbur 0 and port 0

0 HSRP/VRRP MAC addresses

VLAN Ethertype: 0x8100

QinQ Ethertype: 0x88a8

MTP  Ethertype: 0x88e7

4 VLAN UIDB entries

VLAN1   VLAN2      Packet Type Flags      UIDB Result Flags

   0        0          VLAN                  1 VLAN

   0        0               ARPA             1 ARPA

   0        0                    SAP         1 SAP

   0        0                                1 SNAP

PLIM 1 Port HundredGigE Internal Information:

shmwin pointer: 0x581d4268

shmwin id     : 0x3c

shmwin initlization: complete

shmwin mac stats pointer: 0x60106020

shmwin mac stats version: 0x1

shmwin ctx pointer: 0x6010e07c

shmwin ctx version: 0x1

HW initilization: completed

Maximum CFP power class supported: 4

Maximum CFP power consumption supported: 30000 mW

802.3ba PCS

  Previous PCS Alarms:


  Current PCS Status:

    PCS is able to support 100GBASE-R

    PCS is Block Locked

    PCS Rx Link Status is UP

    PCS Errored Block Counts: 25

    PCS BER (Sync Header Error) Counts: 1

PCS detailed information:

  RX Service Interface Lane Sync Header Lock Status:

    Lane-0 : Locked           Lane-10 : Locked

    Lane-1 : Locked           Lane-11 : Locked

    Lane-2 : Locked           Lane-12 : Locked

    Lane-3 : Locked           Lane-13 : Locked

    Lane-4 : Locked           Lane-14 : Locked

    Lane-5 : Locked           Lane-15 : Locked

    Lane-6 : Locked           Lane-16 : Locked

    Lane-7 : Locked           Lane-17 : Locked

    Lane-8 : Locked           Lane-18 : Locked

    Lane-9 : Locked           Lane-19 : Locked

  RX Service Interface Lane Marker Lock Status:

    Lane-0 : Locked           Lane-10 : Locked

    Lane-1 : Locked           Lane-11 : Locked

    Lane-2 : Locked           Lane-12 : Locked

    Lane-3 : Locked           Lane-13 : Locked

    Lane-4 : Locked           Lane-14 : Locked

    Lane-5 : Locked           Lane-15 : Locked

    Lane-6 : Locked           Lane-16 : Locked

    Lane-7 : Locked           Lane-17 : Locked

    Lane-8 : Locked           Lane-18 : Locked

    Lane-9 : Locked           Lane-19 : Locked

  Mapping of Service Interface Lane and RX PCS Lane:

    Rx Service Interface Lane 0 = PCS Lane 13

    Rx Service Interface Lane 1 = PCS Lane 11

    Rx Service Interface Lane 2 = PCS Lane 14

    Rx Service Interface Lane 3 = PCS Lane 15

    Rx Service Interface Lane 4 = PCS Lane 17

    Rx Service Interface Lane 5 = PCS Lane 12

    Rx Service Interface Lane 6 = PCS Lane 10

    Rx Service Interface Lane 7 = PCS Lane 9

    Rx Service Interface Lane 8 = PCS Lane 16

    Rx Service Interface Lane 9 = PCS Lane 8

    Rx Service Interface Lane 10 = PCS Lane 7

    Rx Service Interface Lane 11 = PCS Lane 4

    Rx Service Interface Lane 12 = PCS Lane 3

    Rx Service Interface Lane 13 = PCS Lane 5

    Rx Service Interface Lane 14 = PCS Lane 6

    Rx Service Interface Lane 15 = PCS Lane 19

    Rx Service Interface Lane 16 = PCS Lane 2

    Rx Service Interface Lane 17 = PCS Lane 18

    Rx Service Interface Lane 18 = PCS Lane 0

    Rx Service Interface Lane 19 = PCS Lane 1

  PCS Lane BIP Error Counters:

    Lane-0 : 2071             Lane-10 : 0

    Lane-1 : 1415             Lane-11 : 0

    Lane-2 : 1530             Lane-12 : 0

    Lane-3 : 0                Lane-13 : 0

    Lane-4 : 0                Lane-14 : 0

    Lane-5 : 0                Lane-15 : 0

    Lane-6 : 0                Lane-16 : 0

    Lane-7 : 0                Lane-17 : 0

    Lane-8 : 0                Lane-18 : 1815

    Lane-9 : 0                Lane-19 : 1603

  Total PCS Lane BIP Error Count : 8434

  Total PCS Lane Sync Header Error Count  : 520

  Total PCS Lane Bad 64/66 Code Count     : 9180

Serdes section:


None of 10 RX serial inputs detects loss of signal.

All of 10 Tx clock multiplication units are locked.

All of 10 Rx clock/data recovery units are locked.

None of 10 TX FIFO has underflow/overflow condition.

None of 10 RX FIFO has underflow/overflow condition.

CFP section:


CFP General Information:

  Module Identifier:         CFP

  Ethernet Application Code: 100GBASE-LR4

  Module State:              Ready

  Power Class:               3

  Maximum Power Consumption: 23000 mW

CFP Vendor Information:

  Vendor Name:         CISCO-FINISAR

  Vendor PN:           FTLC1181RDNS-C2

  Vendor SN:           FIN1636000W

  Vendor OUI:          0x0-0x90-0x65

  Lot Code:            00

  DATE CODE(YYYY/MM/DD): 2012/09/05

  CFP MSA Hardware Version:   1.4

  CFP MSA MDIO Version:       1.4

  Vendor Hardware Version:    1.4

  Vendor Firmware Version:    1.5

CFP UDI Information:

  UDI Compliant: Yes

  Cisco PID: CFP-100G-LR4

  Cisco VID: V01

CFP Cisco Information:

  Vendor Name: CISCO-FINISAR

  Cisco PN   : 10-2549-01    Rev A0

  Cisco SN   : FIN1636000W

CFP Detail Information:

  Number of lanes supported:

    Number of network lanes: 4

    Number of host lanes   : 10

  Time required by module:

    Maximum high-power-up time  :   4 s

    Maximum high-power-down time:   1 s

    Maximum tx-turn-on time     :   1 s

    Maximum tx-turn-off time    : 150 ms

  Module general control:

    Soft reset asserted     : No

    Soft low power asserted : No

    Soft tx disable asserted: No

    Soft program control 3 asserted: No

    Soft program control 2 asserted: No

    Soft program control 1 asserted: No

    Soft global alarm test asserted: No

    Tx disable pin asserted: No

    Low power pin asserted : No

    Program control 3 pin asserted: Yes

    Program control 2 pin asserted: Yes

    Program control 1 pin asserted: Yes

  Module Analog A/D value:

    Power supply voltage : 3.2549 V

    Temperature          : 33.2496 degC

  Network lane A/D value:

    Lane 0 Tx power: 1.1091 mW (  0.4 dBm)

    Lane 1 Tx power: 1.1127 mW (  0.5 dBm)

    Lane 2 Tx power: 1.0976 mW (  0.4 dBm)

    Lane 3 Tx power: 1.1271 mW (  0.5 dBm)

    Lane 0 Rx power: 0.0438 mW (-13.6 dBm)

    Lane 1 Rx power: 0.1116 mW ( -9.5 dBm)

    Lane 2 Rx power: 0.1022 mW ( -9.9 dBm)

    Lane 3 Rx power: 0.0915 mW (-10.4 dBm)

    Total Tx power : 4.4465 mW (  6.5 dBm)

    Total Rx power : 0.3491 mW ( -4.6 dBm)

No XGXS present

PCS 802.3ba Registers:


Control 1 = 0x0010

Status 1 = 0x0004

Dev ID 0 = 0x0000 Dev ID 1 = 0x0000

Speed Ability = 0x0008

Devices 1 = 0x0004 Devices 2 = 0x0000

Control 2 = 0x0005

Status 2 = 0x0020

PKG ID 0 = 0x0000 PKG ID 1 = 0x0000

Base R Status 1 = 0x1001

Base R Status 2 = 0x8117

BER high order counter = 0x0000

Errored blocks high order counter = 0x8000

Base R test pattern control = 0x0080

Base R test pattern error counter = 0x0000

Multi-lane BASE-R alignment status 1 = 0x10ff

Multi-lane BASE-R alignment status 2 = 0x0fff

Multi-lane BASE-R alignment status 3 = 0x00ff

Multi-lane BASE-R alignment status 4 = 0x0fff

BIP error counter lane 0 = 0x0002

BIP error counter lane 1 = 0x0002

BIP error counter lane 2 = 0x0004

BIP error counter lane 3 = 0x0000

BIP error counter lane 4 = 0x0000

BIP error counter lane 5 = 0x0000

BIP error counter lane 6 = 0x0000

BIP error counter lane 7 = 0x0000

BIP error counter lane 8 = 0x0000

BIP error counter lane 9 = 0x0000

BIP error counter lane 10 = 0x0000

BIP error counter lane 11 = 0x0000

BIP error counter lane 12 = 0x0000

BIP error counter lane 13 = 0x0000

BIP error counter lane 14 = 0x0000

BIP error counter lane 15 = 0x0000

BIP error counter lane 16 = 0x0000

BIP error counter lane 17 = 0x0000

BIP error counter lane 18 = 0x0007

BIP error counter lane 19 = 0x0005

Lane mapping register 0 = 0x000d

Lane mapping register 1 = 0x000b

Lane mapping register 2 = 0x000e

Lane mapping register 3 = 0x000f

Lane mapping register 4 = 0x0011

Lane mapping register 5 = 0x000c

Lane mapping register 6 = 0x000a

Lane mapping register 7 = 0x0009

Lane mapping register 8 = 0x0010

Lane mapping register 9 = 0x0008

Lane mapping register 10 = 0x0007

Lane mapping register 11 = 0x0004

Lane mapping register 12 = 0x0003

Lane mapping register 13 = 0x0005

Lane mapping register 14 = 0x0006

Lane mapping register 15 = 0x0013

Lane mapping register 16 = 0x0002

Lane mapping register 17 = 0x0012

Lane mapping register 18 = 0x0000

Lane mapping register 19 = 0x0001

Serdes registers:


Chip id register: 0x8154

Chip revision id register: 0x4

Digital control 1 register register:

  serdes0:0x017a, serdes1:0x017a, serdes2:0x017a, serdes3:0x017a, serdes4:0x017a

  serdes5:0x017a, serdes6:0x017a, serdes7:0x017a, serdes8:0x017a, serdes9:0x017a

Digital control 2 register register:

  serdes0:0x0305, serdes1:0x0305, serdes2:0x0305, serdes3:0x0305, serdes4:0x0305

  serdes5:0x0305, serdes6:0x0305, serdes7:0x0305, serdes8:0x0305, serdes9:0x0305

Digital control 3 register register:

  serdes0:0x0d0f, serdes1:0x0d0f, serdes2:0x0d0f, serdes3:0x0d0f, serdes4:0x0d0f

  serdes5:0x0d0f, serdes6:0x0d0f, serdes7:0x0d0f, serdes8:0x0d0f, serdes9:0x0d0f

Digital control 5 register register:

  serdes0:0x6de0, serdes1:0x6de0, serdes2:0x6de0, serdes3:0x6de0, serdes4:0x6de0

  serdes5:0x6de0, serdes6:0x6de0, serdes7:0x6de0, serdes8:0x6de0, serdes9:0x6de0

Digital status 0 register register:

  serdes0:0x303b, serdes1:0x303b, serdes2:0x303b, serdes3:0x303b, serdes4:0x303b

  serdes5:0x303b, serdes6:0x303b, serdes7:0x303b, serdes8:0x303b, serdes9:0x303b

Line PRBS control register register:

  serdes0:0x0000, serdes1:0x0000, serdes2:0x0000, serdes3:0x0000, serdes4:0x0000

  serdes5:0x0000, serdes6:0x0000, serdes7:0x0000, serdes8:0x0000, serdes9:0x0000

Line PRBS status register register:

  serdes0:0x0000, serdes1:0x0000, serdes2:0x0000, serdes3:0x0000, serdes4:0x0000

  serdes5:0x0000, serdes6:0x0000, serdes7:0x0000, serdes8:0x0000, serdes9:0x0000

System PRBS control register register:

  serdes0:0x0000, serdes1:0x0000, serdes2:0x0000, serdes3:0x0000, serdes4:0x0000

  serdes5:0x0000, serdes6:0x0000, serdes7:0x0000, serdes8:0x0000, serdes9:0x0000

System PRBS status register register:

  serdes0:0x0000, serdes1:0x0000, serdes2:0x0000, serdes3:0x0000, serdes4:0x0000

  serdes5:0x0000, serdes6:0x0000, serdes7:0x0000, serdes8:0x0000, serdes9:0x0000

PRBS status 2 register register:

  serdes0:0x8008, serdes1:0x8008, serdes2:0x8008, serdes3:0x8008, serdes4:0x8008

  serdes5:0x8008, serdes6:0x8008, serdes7:0x8008, serdes8:0x8008, serdes9:0x8008

TX control 1 register register:

  serdes0:0x1884, serdes1:0x1884, serdes2:0x1884, serdes3:0x1884, serdes4:0x1884

  serdes5:0x1884, serdes6:0x1884, serdes7:0x1884, serdes8:0x1884, serdes9:0x1884

TX control 2 register register:

  serdes0:0x00a0, serdes1:0x00a0, serdes2:0x00a0, serdes3:0x00a0, serdes4:0x00a0

  serdes5:0x00a0, serdes6:0x00a0, serdes7:0x00a0, serdes8:0x00a0, serdes9:0x00a0

TX control 4 register register:

  serdes0:0x3012, serdes1:0x2812, serdes2:0x3012, serdes3:0x3012, serdes4:0x2c12

  serdes5:0x2812, serdes6:0x2c12, serdes7:0x2c12, serdes8:0x2c12, serdes9:0x2812

TX control 7 register register:

  serdes0:0x1077, serdes1:0x1077, serdes2:0x1077, serdes3:0x1077, serdes4:0x1077

  serdes5:0x1077, serdes6:0x1077, serdes7:0x1077, serdes8:0x1077, serdes9:0x1077

TX control 8 register register:

  serdes0:0xb800, serdes1:0xb800, serdes2:0xb800, serdes3:0xb800, serdes4:0xb800

  serdes5:0xb800, serdes6:0xb800, serdes7:0xb800, serdes8:0xb800, serdes9:0xb800

TX LVDS contrl 1 register register:

  serdes0:0x6050, serdes1:0x6050, serdes2:0x6050, serdes3:0x6050, serdes4:0x6050

  serdes5:0x6050, serdes6:0x6050, serdes7:0x6050, serdes8:0x6050, serdes9:0x6050

TX LVDS contrl 2 register register:

  serdes0:0x3ba1, serdes1:0x3ba9, serdes2:0x3ba9, serdes3:0x3ba1, serdes4:0x3ba1

  serdes5:0x3ba9, serdes6:0x3ba9, serdes7:0x3ba9, serdes8:0x3ba9, serdes9:0x3ba9

TX LVDS contrl 3 register register:

  serdes0:0x3ba1, serdes1:0x3ba9, serdes2:0x3ba9, serdes3:0x3ba1, serdes4:0x3ba1

  serdes5:0x3ba9, serdes6:0x3ba9, serdes7:0x3ba9, serdes8:0x3ba9, serdes9:0x3ba9

RX control 2 register register:

  serdes0:0x222c, serdes1:0x2224, serdes2:0x222c, serdes3:0x222c, serdes4:0x222c

  serdes5:0x2228, serdes6:0x2228, serdes7:0x2228, serdes8:0x2228, serdes9:0x2228

RX control 3 register register:

  serdes0:0x1611, serdes1:0x1611, serdes2:0x1611, serdes3:0x1611, serdes4:0x1611

  serdes5:0x1611, serdes6:0x1611, serdes7:0x1611, serdes8:0x1611, serdes9:0x1611

RX control 4 register register:

  serdes0:0x40c9, serdes1:0x50c9, serdes2:0x50c9, serdes3:0x40c9, serdes4:0x40c9

  serdes5:0x50c9, serdes6:0x50c9, serdes7:0x50c9, serdes8:0x50c9, serdes9:0x50c9

RX control 6 register register:

  serdes0:0x081a, serdes1:0x081a, serdes2:0x081a, serdes3:0x081a, serdes4:0x081a

  serdes5:0x081a, serdes6:0x081a, serdes7:0x081a, serdes8:0x081a, serdes9:0x081a

RX control 7 register register:

  serdes0:0x0000, serdes1:0x0000, serdes2:0x0000, serdes3:0x0000, serdes4:0x0000

  serdes5:0x0000, serdes6:0x0000, serdes7:0x0000, serdes8:0x0000, serdes9:0x0000

RX control 8 register register:

  serdes0:0x0000, serdes1:0x0000, serdes2:0x0000, serdes3:0x0000, serdes4:0x0000

  serdes5:0x0000, serdes6:0x0000, serdes7:0x0000, serdes8:0x0000, serdes9:0x0000

RX control 9 register register:

  serdes0:0x0000, serdes1:0x0000, serdes2:0x0000, serdes3:0x0000, serdes4:0x0000

  serdes5:0x0000, serdes6:0x0000, serdes7:0x0000, serdes8:0x0000, serdes9:0x0000

RX LVDS contrl 1 register register:

  serdes0:0x0bfa, serdes1:0x0bba, serdes2:0x0bba, serdes3:0x0bba, serdes4:0x0bba

  serdes5:0x0bba, serdes6:0x0bba, serdes7:0x0bba, serdes8:0x0bba, serdes9:0x0bba

CFP Registers:


NVR 1 Registers:

(Reg 0x8000=0x0e) (Reg 0x8001=0x95) (Reg 0x8002=0x01) (Reg 0x8003=0x01)

(Reg 0x8004=0x00) (Reg 0x8005=0x00) (Reg 0x8006=0x00) (Reg 0x8007=0x00)

(Reg 0x8008=0x08) (Reg 0x8009=0x4a) (Reg 0x800a=0x11) (Reg 0x800b=0x81)

(Reg 0x800c=0x34) (Reg 0x800d=0x0a) (Reg 0x800e=0x00) (Reg 0x800f=0x00)

(Reg 0x8010=0x01) (Reg 0x8011=0x04) (Reg 0x8012=0xca) (Reg 0x8013=0x45)

(Reg 0x8014=0xcc) (Reg 0x8015=0xb8) (Reg 0x8016=0x08) (Reg 0x8017=0x34)

(Reg 0x8018=0x21) (Reg 0x8019=0x44) (Reg 0x801a=0x40) (Reg 0x801b=0x70)

(Reg 0x801c=0x1c) (Reg 0x801d=0x73) (Reg 0x801e=0x64) (Reg 0x801f=0x46)

(Reg 0x8020=0x00) (Reg 0x8021=0x43) (Reg 0x8022=0x49) (Reg 0x8023=0x53)

(Reg 0x8024=0x43) (Reg 0x8025=0x4f) (Reg 0x8026=0x2d) (Reg 0x8027=0x46)

(Reg 0x8028=0x49) (Reg 0x8029=0x4e) (Reg 0x802a=0x49) (Reg 0x802b=0x53)

(Reg 0x802c=0x41) (Reg 0x802d=0x52) (Reg 0x802e=0x20) (Reg 0x802f=0x20)

(Reg 0x8030=0x20) (Reg 0x8031=0x00) (Reg 0x8032=0x90) (Reg 0x8033=0x65)

(Reg 0x8034=0x46) (Reg 0x8035=0x54) (Reg 0x8036=0x4c) (Reg 0x8037=0x43)

(Reg 0x8038=0x31) (Reg 0x8039=0x31) (Reg 0x803a=0x38) (Reg 0x803b=0x31)

(Reg 0x803c=0x52) (Reg 0x803d=0x44) (Reg 0x803e=0x4e) (Reg 0x803f=0x53)

(Reg 0x8040=0x2d) (Reg 0x8041=0x43) (Reg 0x8042=0x32) (Reg 0x8043=0x20)

(Reg 0x8044=0x46) (Reg 0x8045=0x49) (Reg 0x8046=0x4e) (Reg 0x8047=0x31)

(Reg 0x8048=0x36) (Reg 0x8049=0x33) (Reg 0x804a=0x36) (Reg 0x804b=0x30)

(Reg 0x804c=0x30) (Reg 0x804d=0x30) (Reg 0x804e=0x57) (Reg 0x804f=0x20)

(Reg 0x8050=0x20) (Reg 0x8051=0x20) (Reg 0x8052=0x20) (Reg 0x8053=0x20)

(Reg 0x8054=0x32) (Reg 0x8055=0x30) (Reg 0x8056=0x31) (Reg 0x8057=0x32)

(Reg 0x8058=0x30) (Reg 0x8059=0x39) (Reg 0x805a=0x30) (Reg 0x805b=0x35)

(Reg 0x805c=0x30) (Reg 0x805d=0x30) (Reg 0x805e=0x49) (Reg 0x805f=0x50)

(Reg 0x8060=0x55) (Reg 0x8061=0x49) (Reg 0x8062=0x42) (Reg 0x8063=0x48)

(Reg 0x8064=0x43) (Reg 0x8065=0x52) (Reg 0x8066=0x41) (Reg 0x8067=0x41)

(Reg 0x8068=0x0e) (Reg 0x8069=0x0e) (Reg 0x806a=0x01) (Reg 0x806b=0x04)

(Reg 0x806c=0x01) (Reg 0x806d=0x05) (Reg 0x806e=0x0c) (Reg 0x806f=0x03)

(Reg 0x8070=0x0f) (Reg 0x8071=0x68) (Reg 0x8072=0x04) (Reg 0x8073=0x01)

(Reg 0x8074=0x01) (Reg 0x8075=0x00) (Reg 0x8076=0x96) (Reg 0x8077=0x01)

(Reg 0x8078=0x07) (Reg 0x8079=0x01) (Reg 0x807a=0xf1) (Reg 0x807b=0x00)

(Reg 0x807c=0x00) (Reg 0x807d=0x00) (Reg 0x807e=0x00) (Reg 0x807f=0x17)

NVR 2 Registers:

(Reg 0x8080=0x4a) (Reg 0x8081=0x00) (Reg 0x8082=0x46) (Reg 0x8083=0x00)

(Reg 0x8084=0x00) (Reg 0x8085=0x00) (Reg 0x8086=0xfc) (Reg 0x8087=0x00)

(Reg 0x8088=0x8f) (Reg 0x8089=0x2a) (Reg 0x808a=0x87) (Reg 0x808b=0x5a)

(Reg 0x808c=0x7a) (Reg 0x808d=0x76) (Reg 0x808e=0x72) (Reg 0x808f=0xa6)

(Reg 0x8090=0x00) (Reg 0x8091=0x00) (Reg 0x8092=0x00) (Reg 0x8093=0x00)

(Reg 0x8094=0x00) (Reg 0x8095=0x00) (Reg 0x8096=0x00) (Reg 0x8097=0x00)

(Reg 0x8098=0x00) (Reg 0x8099=0x00) (Reg 0x809a=0x00) (Reg 0x809b=0x00)

(Reg 0x809c=0x00) (Reg 0x809d=0x00) (Reg 0x809e=0x00) (Reg 0x809f=0x00)

(Reg 0x80a0=0x00) (Reg 0x80a1=0x00) (Reg 0x80a2=0x00) (Reg 0x80a3=0x00)

(Reg 0x80a4=0x00) (Reg 0x80a5=0x00) (Reg 0x80a6=0x00) (Reg 0x80a7=0x00)

(Reg 0x80a8=0xea) (Reg 0x80a9=0x60) (Reg 0x80aa=0xe0) (Reg 0x80ab=0x9c)

(Reg 0x80ac=0x44) (Reg 0x80ad=0x5c) (Reg 0x80ae=0x3a) (Reg 0x80af=0x98)

(Reg 0x80b0=0xdb) (Reg 0x80b1=0xaa) (Reg 0x80b2=0x6e) (Reg 0x80b3=0x18)

(Reg 0x80b4=0x0e) (Reg 0x80b5=0x83) (Reg 0x80b6=0x05) (Reg 0x80b7=0xc7)

(Reg 0x80b8=0x39) (Reg 0x80b9=0x00) (Reg 0x80ba=0x37) (Reg 0x80bb=0x00)

(Reg 0x80bc=0x1b) (Reg 0x80bd=0x00) (Reg 0x80be=0x19) (Reg 0x80bf=0x00)

(Reg 0x80c0=0xdb) (Reg 0x80c1=0xaa) (Reg 0x80c2=0x6e) (Reg 0x80c3=0x18)

(Reg 0x80c4=0x03) (Reg 0x80c5=0x67) (Reg 0x80c6=0x01) (Reg 0x80c7=0x5b)

(Reg 0x80c8=0x00) (Reg 0x80c9=0x00) (Reg 0x80ca=0x00) (Reg 0x80cb=0x00)

(Reg 0x80cc=0x00) (Reg 0x80cd=0x00) (Reg 0x80ce=0x00) (Reg 0x80cf=0x00)

(Reg 0x80d0=0x00) (Reg 0x80d1=0x00) (Reg 0x80d2=0x00) (Reg 0x80d3=0x00)

(Reg 0x80d4=0x00) (Reg 0x80d5=0x00) (Reg 0x80d6=0x00) (Reg 0x80d7=0x00)

(Reg 0x80d8=0x00) (Reg 0x80d9=0x00) (Reg 0x80da=0x00) (Reg 0x80db=0x00)

(Reg 0x80dc=0x00) (Reg 0x80dd=0x00) (Reg 0x80de=0x00) (Reg 0x80df=0x00)

(Reg 0x80e0=0x00) (Reg 0x80e1=0x00) (Reg 0x80e2=0x00) (Reg 0x80e3=0x00)

(Reg 0x80e4=0x00) (Reg 0x80e5=0x00) (Reg 0x80e6=0x00) (Reg 0x80e7=0x00)

(Reg 0x80e8=0x00) (Reg 0x80e9=0x00) (Reg 0x80ea=0x00) (Reg 0x80eb=0x00)

(Reg 0x80ec=0x00) (Reg 0x80ed=0x00) (Reg 0x80ee=0x00) (Reg 0x80ef=0x00)

(Reg 0x80f0=0x00) (Reg 0x80f1=0x00) (Reg 0x80f2=0x00) (Reg 0x80f3=0x00)

(Reg 0x80f4=0x00) (Reg 0x80f5=0x00) (Reg 0x80f6=0x00) (Reg 0x80f7=0x00)

(Reg 0x80f8=0x00) (Reg 0x80f9=0x00) (Reg 0x80fa=0x00) (Reg 0x80fb=0x00)

(Reg 0x80fc=0x00) (Reg 0x80fd=0x00) (Reg 0x80fe=0x00) (Reg 0x80ff=0x43)

NVR 3 Registers:

(Reg 0x8100=0x00) (Reg 0x8101=0x00) (Reg 0x8102=0x00) (Reg 0x8103=0x00)

(Reg 0x8104=0x00) (Reg 0x8105=0x00) (Reg 0x8106=0x00) (Reg 0x8107=0x00)

(Reg 0x8108=0x00) (Reg 0x8109=0x00) (Reg 0x810a=0x00) (Reg 0x810b=0x00)

(Reg 0x810c=0x00) (Reg 0x810d=0x00) (Reg 0x810e=0x00) (Reg 0x810f=0x00)

(Reg 0x8110=0x00) (Reg 0x8111=0x00) (Reg 0x8112=0x00) (Reg 0x8113=0x00)

(Reg 0x8114=0x00) (Reg 0x8115=0x00) (Reg 0x8116=0x00) (Reg 0x8117=0x00)

(Reg 0x8118=0x00) (Reg 0x8119=0x00) (Reg 0x811a=0x00) (Reg 0x811b=0x00)

(Reg 0x811c=0x00) (Reg 0x811d=0x00) (Reg 0x811e=0x00) (Reg 0x811f=0x00)

(Reg 0x8120=0x00) (Reg 0x8121=0x00) (Reg 0x8122=0x00) (Reg 0x8123=0x00)

(Reg 0x8124=0x00) (Reg 0x8125=0x00) (Reg 0x8126=0x00) (Reg 0x8127=0x00)

(Reg 0x8128=0x00) (Reg 0x8129=0x00) (Reg 0x812a=0x00) (Reg 0x812b=0x00)

(Reg 0x812c=0x00) (Reg 0x812d=0x00) (Reg 0x812e=0x00) (Reg 0x812f=0x00)

(Reg 0x8130=0x00) (Reg 0x8131=0x00) (Reg 0x8132=0x00) (Reg 0x8133=0x00)

(Reg 0x8134=0x00) (Reg 0x8135=0x00) (Reg 0x8136=0x00) (Reg 0x8137=0x00)

(Reg 0x8138=0x00) (Reg 0x8139=0x00) (Reg 0x813a=0x00) (Reg 0x813b=0x00)

(Reg 0x813c=0x00) (Reg 0x813d=0x00) (Reg 0x813e=0x00) (Reg 0x813f=0x00)

(Reg 0x8140=0x00) (Reg 0x8141=0x00) (Reg 0x8142=0x00) (Reg 0x8143=0x00)

(Reg 0x8144=0x00) (Reg 0x8145=0x00) (Reg 0x8146=0x00) (Reg 0x8147=0x00)

(Reg 0x8148=0x00) (Reg 0x8149=0x00) (Reg 0x814a=0x00) (Reg 0x814b=0x00)

(Reg 0x814c=0x00) (Reg 0x814d=0x00) (Reg 0x814e=0x00) (Reg 0x814f=0x00)

(Reg 0x8150=0x00) (Reg 0x8151=0x00) (Reg 0x8152=0x00) (Reg 0x8153=0x00)

(Reg 0x8154=0x00) (Reg 0x8155=0x00) (Reg 0x8156=0x00) (Reg 0x8157=0x00)

(Reg 0x8158=0x00) (Reg 0x8159=0x00) (Reg 0x815a=0x00) (Reg 0x815b=0x00)

(Reg 0x815c=0x00) (Reg 0x815d=0x00) (Reg 0x815e=0x00) (Reg 0x815f=0x00)

(Reg 0x8160=0x00) (Reg 0x8161=0x00) (Reg 0x8162=0x00) (Reg 0x8163=0x00)

(Reg 0x8164=0x00) (Reg 0x8165=0x00) (Reg 0x8166=0x00) (Reg 0x8167=0x00)

(Reg 0x8168=0x00) (Reg 0x8169=0x00) (Reg 0x816a=0x00) (Reg 0x816b=0x00)

(Reg 0x816c=0x00) (Reg 0x816d=0x00) (Reg 0x816e=0x00) (Reg 0x816f=0x00)

(Reg 0x8170=0x00) (Reg 0x8171=0x00) (Reg 0x8172=0x00) (Reg 0x8173=0x00)

(Reg 0x8174=0x00) (Reg 0x8175=0x00) (Reg 0x8176=0x00) (Reg 0x8177=0x00)

(Reg 0x8178=0x00) (Reg 0x8179=0x00) (Reg 0x817a=0x00) (Reg 0x817b=0x00)

(Reg 0x817c=0x00) (Reg 0x817d=0x00) (Reg 0x817e=0x00) (Reg 0x817f=0x00)

NVR 4 Registers:

(Reg 0x8180=0x00)

Vendor NVR1 Registers

(Reg 0x8400=0x00) (Reg 0x8401=0x00) (Reg 0x8402=0x00) (Reg 0x8403=0x00)

(Reg 0x8404=0x00) (Reg 0x8405=0x00) (Reg 0x8406=0x00) (Reg 0x8407=0x00)

(Reg 0x8408=0x00) (Reg 0x8409=0x00) (Reg 0x840a=0x00) (Reg 0x840b=0x00)

(Reg 0x840c=0x00) (Reg 0x840d=0x00) (Reg 0x840e=0x00) (Reg 0x840f=0x00)

(Reg 0x8410=0x43) (Reg 0x8411=0x49) (Reg 0x8412=0x53) (Reg 0x8413=0x43)

(Reg 0x8414=0x4f) (Reg 0x8415=0x2d) (Reg 0x8416=0x46) (Reg 0x8417=0x49)

(Reg 0x8418=0x4e) (Reg 0x8419=0x49) (Reg 0x841a=0x53) (Reg 0x841b=0x41)

(Reg 0x841c=0x52) (Reg 0x841d=0x20) (Reg 0x841e=0x20) (Reg 0x841f=0x20)

(Reg 0x8420=0x43) (Reg 0x8421=0x46) (Reg 0x8422=0x50) (Reg 0x8423=0x2d)

(Reg 0x8424=0x31) (Reg 0x8425=0x30) (Reg 0x8426=0x30) (Reg 0x8427=0x47)

(Reg 0x8428=0x2d) (Reg 0x8429=0x4c) (Reg 0x842a=0x52) (Reg 0x842b=0x34)

(Reg 0x842c=0x20) (Reg 0x842d=0x20) (Reg 0x842e=0x20) (Reg 0x842f=0x20)

(Reg 0x8430=0x56) (Reg 0x8431=0x30) (Reg 0x8432=0x31) (Reg 0x8433=0x20)

(Reg 0x8434=0x07) (Reg 0x8435=0x46) (Reg 0x8436=0x49) (Reg 0x8437=0x4e)

(Reg 0x8438=0x31) (Reg 0x8439=0x36) (Reg 0x843a=0x33) (Reg 0x843b=0x36)

(Reg 0x843c=0x30) (Reg 0x843d=0x30) (Reg 0x843e=0x30) (Reg 0x843f=0x57)

(Reg 0x8440=0x31) (Reg 0x8441=0x30) (Reg 0x8442=0x2d) (Reg 0x8443=0x32)

(Reg 0x8444=0x35) (Reg 0x8445=0x34) (Reg 0x8446=0x39) (Reg 0x8447=0x2d)

(Reg 0x8448=0x30) (Reg 0x8449=0x31) (Reg 0x844a=0x20) (Reg 0x844b=0x20)

(Reg 0x844c=0x41) (Reg 0x844d=0x30) (Reg 0x844e=0x20) (Reg 0x844f=0x20)

(Reg 0x8450=0x00) (Reg 0x8451=0x00) (Reg 0x8452=0x00) (Reg 0x8453=0x00)

(Reg 0x8454=0x00) (Reg 0x8455=0x00) (Reg 0x8456=0x00) (Reg 0x8457=0x00)

(Reg 0x8458=0x00) (Reg 0x8459=0x00) (Reg 0x845a=0x00) (Reg 0x845b=0x00)

(Reg 0x845c=0x00) (Reg 0x845d=0x00) (Reg 0x845e=0x00) (Reg 0x845f=0x00)

(Reg 0x8460=0x00) (Reg 0x8461=0x00) (Reg 0x8462=0x00) (Reg 0x8463=0x00)

(Reg 0x8464=0x00) (Reg 0x8465=0x00) (Reg 0x8466=0x00) (Reg 0x8467=0x00)

(Reg 0x8468=0x00) (Reg 0x8469=0x00) (Reg 0x846a=0x00) (Reg 0x846b=0x00)

(Reg 0x846c=0x00) (Reg 0x846d=0x00) (Reg 0x846e=0x00) (Reg 0x846f=0x00)

(Reg 0x8470=0x00) (Reg 0x8471=0x00) (Reg 0x8472=0x00) (Reg 0x8473=0x00)

(Reg 0x8474=0x00) (Reg 0x8475=0x00) (Reg 0x8476=0x00) (Reg 0x8477=0x00)

(Reg 0x8478=0x00) (Reg 0x8479=0x00) (Reg 0x847a=0x00) (Reg 0x847b=0x00)

(Reg 0x847c=0x00) (Reg 0x847d=0x00) (Reg 0x847e=0x00) (Reg 0x847f=0xba)

VR 1 Registers:

(Reg 0xa000=0x0000) (Reg 0xa001=0x0000) (Reg 0xa002=0x0000) (Reg 0xa003=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa004=0x0000) (Reg 0xa005=0x0000) (Reg 0xa006=0x0000) (Reg 0xa007=0x0001)

(Reg 0xa008=0x0003) (Reg 0xa009=0x0002) (Reg 0xa00a=0x0001) (Reg 0xa00b=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa00c=0x0000) (Reg 0xa00d=0x0000) (Reg 0xa00e=0x0000) (Reg 0xa00f=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa010=0x000e) (Reg 0xa011=0x0200) (Reg 0xa012=0x0000) (Reg 0xa013=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa014=0x0000) (Reg 0xa015=0x0000) (Reg 0xa016=0x0020) (Reg 0xa017=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa018=0x0000) (Reg 0xa019=0x0000) (Reg 0xa01a=0x0000) (Reg 0xa01b=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa01c=0x0000) (Reg 0xa01d=0x0002) (Reg 0xa01e=0x0000) (Reg 0xa01f=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa020=0x0000) (Reg 0xa021=0x0000) (Reg 0xa022=0x0000) (Reg 0xa023=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa024=0x0000) (Reg 0xa025=0x0000) (Reg 0xa026=0x0000) (Reg 0xa027=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa028=0x0040) (Reg 0xa029=0x8370) (Reg 0xa02a=0x0000) (Reg 0xa02b=0x0990)

(Reg 0xa02c=0x0000) (Reg 0xa02d=0x0000) (Reg 0xa02e=0x0000) (Reg 0xa02f=0x2116)

(Reg 0xa030=0x8019) (Reg 0xa031=0x0000) (Reg 0xa032=0x0000) (Reg 0xa033=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa034=0x0000) (Reg 0xa035=0x0000) (Reg 0xa036=0x0000) (Reg 0xa037=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa038=0x0000) (Reg 0xa039=0x0000) (Reg 0xa03a=0x0000)

NETWORK LANE VR 1 Registers:

(Reg 0xa200=0x0002) (Reg 0xa201=0x0000) (Reg 0xa202=0x0000) (Reg 0xa203=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa204=0x0000) (Reg 0xa205=0x0000) (Reg 0xa206=0x0000) (Reg 0xa207=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa208=0x0000) (Reg 0xa209=0x0000) (Reg 0xa20a=0x0000) (Reg 0xa20b=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa20c=0x0000) (Reg 0xa20d=0x0000) (Reg 0xa20e=0x0000) (Reg 0xa20f=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa210=0x0000) (Reg 0xa211=0x0000) (Reg 0xa212=0x0000) (Reg 0xa213=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa214=0x0000) (Reg 0xa215=0x0000) (Reg 0xa216=0x0000) (Reg 0xa217=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa218=0x0000) (Reg 0xa219=0x0000) (Reg 0xa21a=0x0000) (Reg 0xa21b=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa21c=0x0000) (Reg 0xa21d=0x0000) (Reg 0xa21e=0x0000) (Reg 0xa21f=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa220=0x0000) (Reg 0xa221=0x0000) (Reg 0xa222=0x0002) (Reg 0xa223=0x0002)

(Reg 0xa224=0x0000) (Reg 0xa225=0x0000) (Reg 0xa226=0x0000) (Reg 0xa227=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa228=0x0000) (Reg 0xa229=0x0000) (Reg 0xa22a=0x0000) (Reg 0xa22b=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa22c=0x0000) (Reg 0xa22d=0x0000) (Reg 0xa22e=0x0000) (Reg 0xa22f=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa230=0x0000) (Reg 0xa231=0x0000) (Reg 0xa232=0x0000) (Reg 0xa233=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa234=0x0000) (Reg 0xa235=0x0000) (Reg 0xa236=0x0000) (Reg 0xa237=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa238=0x0000) (Reg 0xa239=0x0000) (Reg 0xa23a=0x0000) (Reg 0xa23b=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa23c=0x0000) (Reg 0xa23d=0x0000) (Reg 0xa23e=0x0000) (Reg 0xa23f=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa240=0x9999) (Reg 0xa241=0x9999) (Reg 0xa242=0x9999) (Reg 0xa243=0x9999)

(Reg 0xa244=0x0000) (Reg 0xa245=0x0000) (Reg 0xa246=0x0000) (Reg 0xa247=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa248=0x0000) (Reg 0xa249=0x0000) (Reg 0xa24a=0x0000) (Reg 0xa24b=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa24c=0x0000) (Reg 0xa24d=0x0000) (Reg 0xa24e=0x0000) (Reg 0xa24f=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa250=0x805c) (Reg 0xa251=0x805c) (Reg 0xa252=0x805c) (Reg 0xa253=0x805c)

(Reg 0xa254=0x0000) (Reg 0xa255=0x0000) (Reg 0xa256=0x0000) (Reg 0xa257=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa258=0x0000) (Reg 0xa259=0x0000) (Reg 0xa25a=0x0000) (Reg 0xa25b=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa25c=0x0000) (Reg 0xa25d=0x0000) (Reg 0xa25e=0x0000) (Reg 0xa25f=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa260=0x0000)

NETWORK LANE VR 2 Registers:

(Reg 0xa280=0x0000) (Reg 0xa281=0x0000) (Reg 0xa282=0x0000) (Reg 0xa283=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa284=0x0000) (Reg 0xa285=0x0000) (Reg 0xa286=0x0000) (Reg 0xa287=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa288=0x0000) (Reg 0xa289=0x0000) (Reg 0xa28a=0x0000) (Reg 0xa28b=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa28c=0x0000) (Reg 0xa28d=0x0000) (Reg 0xa28e=0x0000) (Reg 0xa28f=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa290=0x0000) (Reg 0xa291=0x0000) (Reg 0xa292=0x0000) (Reg 0xa293=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa294=0x0000) (Reg 0xa295=0x0000) (Reg 0xa296=0x0000) (Reg 0xa297=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa298=0x0000) (Reg 0xa299=0x0000) (Reg 0xa29a=0x0000) (Reg 0xa29b=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa29c=0x0000) (Reg 0xa29d=0x0000) (Reg 0xa29e=0x0000) (Reg 0xa29f=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa2a0=0x7eee) (Reg 0xa2a1=0xabe7) (Reg 0xa2a2=0x7f6e) (Reg 0xa2a3=0x85ad)

(Reg 0xa2a4=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2a5=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2a6=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2a7=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa2a8=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2a9=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2aa=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2ab=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa2ac=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2ad=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2ae=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2af=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa2b0=0x2b53) (Reg 0xa2b1=0x2b77) (Reg 0xa2b2=0x2bab) (Reg 0xa2b3=0x2c07)

(Reg 0xa2b4=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2b5=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2b6=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2b7=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa2b8=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2b9=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2ba=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2bb=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa2bc=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2bd=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2be=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2bf=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa2c0=0x3321) (Reg 0xa2c1=0x2d65) (Reg 0xa2c2=0x2f8b) (Reg 0xa2c3=0x2fd1)

(Reg 0xa2c4=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2c5=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2c6=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2c7=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa2c8=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2c9=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2ca=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2cb=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa2cc=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2cd=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2ce=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2cf=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa2d0=0x01b6) (Reg 0xa2d1=0x0431) (Reg 0xa2d2=0x040d) (Reg 0xa2d3=0x0393)

(Reg 0xa2d4=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2d5=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2d6=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2d7=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa2d8=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2d9=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2da=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2db=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa2dc=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2dd=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2de=0x0000) (Reg 0xa2df=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa2e0=0x0000)

HOST LANE VR 1 Registers:

(Reg 0xa400=0x0000) (Reg 0xa401=0x0000) (Reg 0xa402=0x0000) (Reg 0xa403=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa404=0x0000) (Reg 0xa405=0x0000) (Reg 0xa406=0x0000) (Reg 0xa407=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa408=0x0000) (Reg 0xa409=0x0000) (Reg 0xa40a=0x0000) (Reg 0xa40b=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa40c=0x0000) (Reg 0xa40d=0x0000) (Reg 0xa40e=0x0000) (Reg 0xa40f=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa410=0x0000) (Reg 0xa411=0x0000) (Reg 0xa412=0x0000) (Reg 0xa413=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa414=0x0000) (Reg 0xa415=0x0000) (Reg 0xa416=0x0000) (Reg 0xa417=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa418=0x0000) (Reg 0xa419=0x0000) (Reg 0xa41a=0x0000) (Reg 0xa41b=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa41c=0x0000) (Reg 0xa41d=0x0000) (Reg 0xa41e=0x0000) (Reg 0xa41f=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa420=0x0003) (Reg 0xa421=0x0003) (Reg 0xa422=0x0003) (Reg 0xa423=0x0003)

(Reg 0xa424=0x0003) (Reg 0xa425=0x0003) (Reg 0xa426=0x0003) (Reg 0xa427=0x0003)

(Reg 0xa428=0x0003) (Reg 0xa429=0x0003) (Reg 0xa42a=0x0000) (Reg 0xa42b=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa42c=0x0000) (Reg 0xa42d=0x0000) (Reg 0xa42e=0x0000) (Reg 0xa42f=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa430=0x0000) (Reg 0xa431=0x0000) (Reg 0xa432=0x0000) (Reg 0xa433=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa434=0x0000) (Reg 0xa435=0x0000) (Reg 0xa436=0x0000) (Reg 0xa437=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa438=0x0000) (Reg 0xa439=0x0000) (Reg 0xa43a=0x0000) (Reg 0xa43b=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa43c=0x0000) (Reg 0xa43d=0x0000) (Reg 0xa43e=0x0000) (Reg 0xa43f=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa440=0x0007) (Reg 0xa441=0x0007) (Reg 0xa442=0x0007) (Reg 0xa443=0x0007)

(Reg 0xa444=0x0007) (Reg 0xa445=0x0007) (Reg 0xa446=0x0007) (Reg 0xa447=0x0007)

(Reg 0xa448=0x0007) (Reg 0xa449=0x0007) (Reg 0xa44a=0x0000) (Reg 0xa44b=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa44c=0x0000) (Reg 0xa44d=0x0000) (Reg 0xa44e=0x0000) (Reg 0xa44f=0x0000)

(Reg 0xa450=0x0000)

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Troubleshoot CRS with 100GE interface

I found an important issue:

Lane 0 rx power is lower than minimum expected.

I guess that's the main problem, but anyway, I would like to know more about this type of transceiver and how to troubleshoot it.

Thanks, Diego.

Anyone know how to clear PCS

Anyone know how to clear PCS Lane BIP Error Count?

I got it.

I got it.

clear controller plim-ether statistics location

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