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1010 AP and RFID

We have a 4402 controller (4.2.130) running some older Airespace 1010 access points. We're thinking of add an Aeroscout solution with an MSE 3350.

Issues we're aware of:

1010 is EOL and will go end of support in 2011.

We will have to stay at v4.2.130 of the WLC software until the 1010's are migrated out.

Does anyone have any other information as to any issues or trouble we will have with this configuration?

Thanks for the input.

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Re: 1010 AP and RFID

You'll require WLC software version 4.2.130 or later and Wireless Control System (WCS) version 5.2 or later in order to get MSE, WLC, WCS to talk in harmony.

Re: 1010 AP and RFID

The WCS is not mandatory, the aeroscout solution can be good enough. It all depends what you are trying to achieve at the end. is a great WLC code. No problem in keeping that.

And you can have any version of MSE, it will work with the WLC as per the release notes:

All MSE versions do support WLC

Re: 1010 AP and RFID

To be more precise to leolaohoo post, WCS can work with MSE 5.1.30, you dont have to be on 5.2 WCS for this scenario. It is possible but it is not a must. Better off with 6.0 WCS anyways.

Regardless, I dont think WCS is a must have, if aeroscout is used.

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