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The documentation for the 1130 access points indicates that it can support 108 Mbps.

In order to do this do I need a single AP with two 11g radios. Or can it be done with two 1130 AP each with an 11G radio.


Re: 108Mbps

Hi David,

You can get the 108Mbps with a single 1130AG - AP itself. Since it comes as Dual-band lightweight or autonomous access point with integrated antennas, it has both Two high-performance IEEE 802.11a and 802.11g radios offering 108 Mbps of capacity.

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Re: 108Mbps

Just to see whether I understand your last statement. It has two 11a radios and two 11g radios? Or one each?

Do they both have to be "G" radios? What configuration options do I have to choose to make it work.

Will it only work with Cisco client adaptor?


Re: 108Mbps


It is not having two of each kind. It is having one 11a and 11g radios. This has the backward compactability with 11b also. But it is not clear in document whether those two radios are comming as a part of the unit or do need to order separately. Just chk on that part.

There is link breifing that part,

I don't think so that it will work only with Cisco Client adaptor. The Cisco Aironet 1130AG Series is interoperable with any 802.11a, 802.11b, or 802.11g Wi-Fi-certified client.

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Re: 108Mbps

I've got 8 1130 AG devices, but I cannot seem to enable support for 802.11b clients, the documenation suggests this is a feature, however the is no information on who this is to be done.

I have a large group of devices using AIR-PCI350 units that only run 802.11b.

Any ideas?

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Re: 108Mbps

Hi Matthew,

Have a look at these docs to see if they might help you out;

Throughput Option for 802.11g Radio Blocks Association by 802.11b Clients

When you configure the 802.11g access point radio for best throughput, the access point sets all data rates to basic (required). This setting blocks association from 802.11b client devices. The best throughput option appears on the web-browser interface Express Setup and Radio Settings pages and in the speed CLI configuration interface command

From this doc;

Configuring Radio Data Rates

Hop this helps!


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Re: 108Mbps

I hope we aren't misleading the original poster.

The 1131AG has the maximum capacity of "108mbps". Meaning, you can service 54mbps to g clients and 54mbps to a clients (Of course, those aren't actual throughput rates).

I do not believe you can shotgun two client radios together to appear like you have a 108mbps interface.

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