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1100/1200 AP series

Dear all,

Could you please tell me the best models of access points (1100 or 1200 series) which offer:

- A very good capacity and coverage

- the most used standards a/b/g

- Inline Power (from 3560 witch)

I will deploy the Wlan network in a head office of 6 floors. i will have less than 10 users per floor.

Thanks for help,

Best regards,


Re: 1100/1200 AP series

Only consider the 1131AG or the 1242AG APs as the other 1100 and 1200 APs support only Cisco proprietary POE, have 1/2 the DRAM and flash, and don't support many recent features of the Airespace controllers...

The differences between the two are primarily antenna needs and/or complicated RF environments vs standard carpeted offices...

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Re: 1100/1200 AP series

I think 1242 is better because it has external antenna support.

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Re: 1100/1200 AP series

My company currently uses the 1200 series, and swear by them. We never have to restarte them or have any troubles. They do support a/b/g and have mutiple options for antennas to suit your application. The coverage is great! I even use one at home, and able to get a full signal at my neigbors house. I do think they have a PoE version, but not sure, we dont use them...yet. There is also a power injector for PoE, but it kind of defeats the purpose because the injector has a power adapter. Good if no power supply isnt close or might be used outside. Anyways, hope this helps and that you find the right solution for you.

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