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1130AG access poin

i have a 1130AG cisco acess point and it is impossible for me to set it up as a repeater to my verizon wireless at home. I added a ssid and wep key to it but evrytime i click on "repeater" it disables the ethernet port and it will not see my wirelles network and boost the signal in the far rooms. What am i doing wrong. Pleae help


Re: 1130AG access poin

Here is some guidelihe while using the Access point in repeater mode it may help you

• Use repeaters to serve client devices that do not require high throughput. Repeaters extend the coverage area of your wireless LAN, but they drastically reduce throughput.

• Use repeaters when most if not all client devices that associate with the repeaters are Cisco Aironet clients. Non-Cisco client devices sometimes have trouble communicating with repeater access points.

• Make sure that the data rates configured on the repeater access point match the data rates on the parent access point

• Repeater access points support only the native VLAN. You cannot configure multiple VLANs on a repeater access point.

And also make sure that

Repeater access points running Cisco IOS software cannot associate to parent access points that that do not run Cisco IOS software.

Repeater access points do not support wireless domain services (WDS). Do not configure a repeater access point as a WDS candidate, and do not configure a WDS access point to fall back to repeater mode in case of Ethernet failure.


Re: 1130AG access poin

So in other words, you can't use a Cisco AP to repeat a connection to your Verizon hardware- and even if you could, you probably wouldn't like the performance.

The best option for the situation you have is to move the Verizon equipment to a central location where it can cover your whole house.

Another option, if your existing router is at an end or corner of your house, might be to build an external reflector, using the templates from This will shape your coverage area so that wasted signal currently going outside your house will be pointed towards the areas you need it.

If neither of those options is feasible, put the 1130 somewhere that covers the far rooms, and run an ethernet cable to it. If you can't run ethernet to it, you can cable it into your lan over your AC wiring using HomePlug ethernet adapters, or over your phone lines with HomePNA adapters.

Obviously, you'll want to make sure that the SSID and WEP key (or better yet, WPA key) are the same on your 1130 as on your Verizon, but assigned to different channels, and that clients on either access point are getting addresses from the same address pool.

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